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26th June 2020.  Here is the latest newsletter.


Welcome to our latest newsletter. So much has happened since sending you our Christmas newsletter at the end of last year. However, I’ll still try to keep this one shorter than usual, as I am still finding it uncomfortable to spend too much time on the keyboard of my computer.

CORONAVIRUS As well as our age (82 and (nearly) 78, as I am still undergoing ongoing treatment for my Myeloma Cancer, I come under the ‘extremely vulnerable’ category, so have been in self isolation since March, and looks like we will be for some time yet. We are fortunate in having a good sized garden, and in the good weather we have had in April and May, we have not really missed going out anywhere. Our grand daughter Katie was able to get urgent food shopping for us, but eventually, we were able to get priority time slots every week for Tesco home delivery, and went on line for other things we needed. Neither of us have had any virus symptoms, so will keep to the rules for self-isolation and keeping two metres apart from everyone else, apart from each other.

OTHER HEALTH PROBLEMS For several weeks now, Sylvia has been suffering from a very painful knee, badly swollen, and unable to bend it. As you know, she has had mobility problems for many years, but this makes it even more difficult for her to walk around the house and garden. She has had two telephone consultations with her doctor, who arranged for her to have an X-ray, but as neither the hospital or the doctor could either drain the fluid or give her a steroid injection at the present time, all she could do was prescribe her even more powerful painkillers, which made her feel even worse, although relieving the pain a little. Meanwhile, following my cracked vertabrae in November, I had just about got over that than my legs gave way from under me, and I had another fall in the house, banging my back against a coffee table. This time, nothing broken but badly bruised (Sylvia even took a photo in glorious colour). Now, at the end of May, I seem to have pulled a muscle, and my own mobility is, at the time of writing this, more limited. Thankfully, we’ve got each other, and we try to do what we can between us.
Sylvia has always grown most of our plants from seed in the greenhouse, and with the help of Tony, our neighbour, who did some heavy lifting for us, we were able to plant the tomatoes in growbags, and get the pots, hanging baskets and troughs planted out. Between us, we planted some plants in the one bit of garden that still has soil (most of it now covered with slate and pebbles), so we hope for another colourful display later in the summer. Our water feature is working after I fitted a new pump, and I can still mow the lawns, using my battery powered mower as a kind of ‘walking frame’. So, we’ve had plenty to keep us occupied, even though this year it took a bit longer than usual. A couple of hours or so in the morning, and then relax in the sun in the afternoon, or reading for me when it gets too hot outside. The weather in April and May was really nice, but since the beginning of June, it’s been much cooler, with much needed rain, and very strong winds.

HOLIDAYS Back in February, we booked and paid for a 4 night self-catering break in April in Northumberland, less than two hours drive from home. Following the ‘lock down’ after over an hour’s wait holding on to the phone, Sylvia spoke to Cottages.com and they gave us the chance to rebook the holiday anytime in the next twelve months, so we re-arranged it for September. We just hope we will be able to travel then. We won’t know for a while yet, so fingers crossed.

WHITBY GOSPEL MUSIC CONVENTION. Not really a holiday, but I also booked three nights at a hotel in Whitby for the May dates of this year’s Gospel Music Convention. Driving back over the moors every night late at night, as we had done every year, was getting too much for either of us, so we booked into the Royal Hotel, and paid the deposit. Paul Wheater had to cancel the whole event as the venue, Whitby Pavilion was closed, but he still hoped to re-arrange the event for 2021. At first, the hotel contacted me to say that we could re-book another three nights in the future, but then came the news that the whole group, Shearings, National Holidays, Bay Hotels, and other companies (which included the Royal) had gone into administration, and would not longer operate. Meanwhile, I had realised that in twelve months’ time I wasn’t sure that I would be able to perform anyway, so contacted Paul to let him know, I would do what I could to help, but not to advertise me for 2021. Unknown to me until a few days ago, Paul has been poorly (not Coronavirus related), and although I have tried to contact him, I have not heard from him for some time. Because I paid my deposit by credit card, there is a chance I may get something back from them, but it could take a few weeks, and many thousands of people have been affected by the failure of the Shearings group..
Even if Paul is able to go ahead with the Filey event in August, I had to tell him that I would not be well enough to take part.

MYELOMA UPDATE For over five years, I have been attending the Haematology day unit at the James Cook Hospital in Middlesborough, (with telephone appointments since lockdown) to check my blood readings with my hospital doctor. For all that time, I have been in remission, with the Paraprotein reading less than 2.5 (undetectable). Since the beginning of the year, it has started to increase, with readings of 3.6, 4.4,4.7 and then on May 26th 8.8. So, the myeloma has returned, but can still be treatable, and the doctor told me there is nothing to worry about for the moment. I have been prescribed a further two months sup;lly of Lenalidomide tablets, so my next review appointment is on July 21st. I don’t feel poorly, although I do get out of breath more easily if I try to do too much, even talking on the phone for a long time. Sylvia says I should listen more anyway. So, with so many people suffering far more than me, I’ve a lot to be thankful for.

FACEBOOK Compared to me, Sylvia has always been the expert to embrace social media. She has the iPad, the iPhone and has been on Facebook for a long time. I could see how long she spends checking the latest ‘posts’ and felt that I would never have the time (or inclination) to keep going up to my ‘mancave’ (spare bedroom for you and me), to turn on my old PC.

I usually check my e-Mails first thing in the morning and before going to bed at night, and anything else on my computer relating to my music that might need attention during the day. However, I felt that I was missing out on some news like reading the births, marriages and deaths and other news about some of my old friends and country music contacts, so I eventually signed up to Facebook with Sylvia’s help, just before all the Coronavirus news came to change everything. Since then, I have discovered that Facebook posts are literally ‘here today, gone tomorrow’, many of them are of no interest to me at all, some appear to be adverts, I don’t have the time to look at ‘live’ videos, although I do appreciate that there are many people, unable to go out to their country music clubs at the moment, enjoy seeing and hearing their own favourite artistes. No doubt I would be joining in if I could still play my guitar and sing, but I would prefer to be remembered for what I looked and sounded like between 1956 and 2010 when I ‘retired’, rather than what I can do now. However, I do enjoy seeing and reading some of the Facebook posts, so will stay subscribed, but as many of my Facebook ‘friends’ are the same as Sylvia’s, I will leave her to do most of the ‘likes’ and ‘posts’ on behalf of both of us.

DIGITAL STREAMS AND DOWNLOAD STATISTICS I have usually included some sales statistics in recent newsletters, so here are some more latest figures which I hope you will find of interest. Whether or not it is a coincidence I don’t know, but since the ‘lockdown’ there seems to have been a big increase in the number of ‘streams’ on websites like Spotify and Apple Music. Over 300 of my recordings are now available to stream or download on line from many different websites from all over the world. For streaming, Spotify seems to be the most popular website, with streams from no less than 47 different countries, with the U.K. having the most, followed by U.S.A. Australia and Canada, and apart from ‘You’ve Made My Life Complete’ (no.2) which also appears on a Spotify playlist, several of the tracks from the new ‘A New Lease of Life’ are listed in the top 10.

Apple Music shows my recording of ‘The Old Rugged Cross’ is by a long way the most popular of my streamed tracks, followed by ‘Life Complete’, ‘Merry Go Round of Love’ ‘Wings of a Dove’ and several more of my gospel recordings. However, Apple Music has only been streamed in 12 different countries with the U.S.A. showing the most streams, followed by Australia with the U.K. way behind with Canada 4th. The American and Australian statistics also showed the regions, which for in the U.S.A, were, in order, Elk City, Wivon Valley, Fayetteville, Ocala, Ewa Beach, Camarillo and McKinney, and in Australia, Watermans Bay, Murray, Glen Dhu and Cooee. I’ll leave you to look up where these places are on a map – I haven’t a clue myself, but someone there must like my music. Websites like Deezer, Pandora, Amazon Music and iTunes also paid me the occasional dollar, and even Yandex, a Russian based website, crops up from time to time with a few cents.

ED SHEERAN. What do Ed Sheeran and I have in common? We were both born in West Yorkshire, he in Halifax, me in Leeds. We both have (or had in my case) ginger hair. We both have our music streamed on line. There is a slight difference. He can boast several million streams, and I get a few thousand. I read the full list on the Sunday Times top 1,000 Rich List. I wasn’t on the list, nor did I know anyone one the list personally. Oh well, you can’t have it all!.

READING. Although Sylvia reads a lot of books (usually in bed before going to sleep), I have never been one to read in bed. Usually, I read in the conservatory for an hour or two in the afternoon. Our son in law Kevin gets the Sunday Times, and after he has read it, he delivers it to me later in the week. Apart from the ladies’ fashion pages and the recipes, I read it all, even the financial pages. Even though I’ve no finances to need a financial advisor, it’s interesting know how much I might have lost if I had invested in the wrong shares. In fact, I did get a mention many years ago when I was promoted to become the manager of the Newcastle Branch of Business Computers, one of the most successful computer companies in Britain back around 1970 in my semi-pro days of singing. I do occasionally buy a book, not ‘War and Peace’ but the Wisden’s Cricketers’ Almanck, usually over 1,500 pages, which I buy a year after it has been released, and the price has gone down from over £50 to less than £10. Statistics are statistics in cricket if you have always loved the sport. I also buy the Playfair Cricket Annual every year.

THEGREAT WHITE HOPE I recently bought a new book from Amazon, written by Alan Hope. ‘The Great White Hope’ – The life and times of ‘Howling Laud’ Hope, who is not only the leader of the Official Monster Raving Loony Party’, but what many of you may not know, starting in 1971, he became singer, and later the leader of the Hampshire based Country Music Band ‘Threewheel’, who became one of the most popular bands in British country music, often appearing on Radio 2 Country Club and as backing band for several other artistes. It was at this time I first met Alan when he booked me to appear as support to his band. There is a chapter detailing all the circumstances in 1961 which lead to The Beatles having an audience of just 16 people, and just down the road from their venue, Alan’s group, lead by a 19 year old Kerry Rapid (that was Alan’s stage name at the time) and the Blue Stars had a sell-out audience of 300. . In 1978, Alan & Norma moved down to Ashburton in Devon to take over the Golden Lion Hotel, and along with several touring artistes and bands, we would stay here when on tour, and in return for our B & B, would perform a free night for Alan. It was in Ashburton that I bought the Loony Party manifesto book. ‘Screaming Lord’ Dave Sutch was still the leader then before he died), and also bought rosettes for Sylvia and me, which we used to wear when going to vote when we lived in Leeds. I won’t spoil it for you by telling you more, and hope you want to read your own copy. Alan’s book is over 300 hundred pages of interesting reading for any music (or OMRLP) fans, and I would recommend it to you all. You can buy it as paperback or Kindle from Amazon.

FINALLY As promised, a shorter newsletter this time, but we hope you still find it of interest. Best wishes from us both, and remember to ‘KEEP SAFE Sylvia & Tony

30th April  2020.  Having to make changes to my website, so will update latest news as soon as possible.   Still busy keping an eye on many downloads and streams of my music  over the last few months, but back problems mean that I am spending less time on my PC in recent times.  Otherwise, both Sylvia and I are coping O.K. with lock down, and self isolating.  Hope to be sending out a new newsletter later in the Summer.
1st November 2019.   
'Recorded Live 'Round the World' now made available for download and streaming.  Full details will be included in the Christmas newsletter next month. See album no.1 on the CD's and DVD's page for track listing

2nd March, 2019    Sorry for the delay since my latest update.  As you will read in the Christmas newsletter below, I have been busy working on a new album, but as Geoff's recording machine broke down beyond repair, the process is now much slower, and it really has been a case of 'one song at a time'.  I hope to finish it sometime in May at the latest, so wait for the next newsletter for up to date news.  For ther latest news, read the October post below first. 

1st October 2019  Here is the Summer 2019 newsletter in full, followed by the Christmas 2018 Newsletter.eMeanwhile, here is the Christmas 2018 newsletter in full.



The first thing you will have noticed is that this newsletter is being sent to you later than usual this year. This is because I wanted to include full details about my new album, and because of delays I will tell you about later, I want to start by telling you that the album is now complete. It is available to buy as a physical CD priced £10, sent post free in the U.K. full details on my website as usual. Downloads from CDbaby.com also now available, and from most of their partner companies like Amazon MP3, and streaming companies like Spotify and Apple Music. More details of other partner companies later on in this newsletter. But for now, here are the details of all 25 tracks, which are also printed on the inside of the inlay card.


  1. A New Lease of Life. I wrote the lyrics of this song to explain why I wanted to give a new lease of life to all these songs, including many new recordings, as well as some old favourites from the 1970’s. At the age of 81, it gives a new lease of life to me – recording my 49th CD album.
  2. Written in Britain. As all these songs were indeed ‘Written in Britain’, it seemed appropriate to revive the song I wrote as the title track of my 1977 album, recorded at Bill Clarke’s ‘Box’ studio with guest musicians including Gordon Huntley (steel guitar), Gerry Hales (fiddle), Stewart Barnes (lead guitar), Pete Sayers (dobro), Don Sykes (piano), Nick Barraclough Banjo & harmony vocals with Ann Barrraclough (mandolin).
  3. When You Hear me Sing a Sad Song. This is the first recording of this song, written by award winning songwriter Geoff Ashford, and first published by Sylvantone Music back in 1984. Derek Thurlby adds some beautiful steel guitar playing to Geoff’s original backing track.
  4. You Can’t Win Them All. I first started to record Terry McKenna’s compositions back in 1975 on my ‘Grandma’s Feather Bed’ vinyl album. This is one of three of his songs sent to me by Terry in 2005, with the acoustic backing tracks provided by his great friend since school days, David Tucker.
  5. My Home Town. Once again, Geoff Ashford provides all the musical backing, including harmonies, on another of his compositions, aimed at the Irish music market. Are there any Irish singers out there who would like to cover this song, either performing it on stage or recording it in the studio? Contact me at tonygoodacre@hotmail.com
  6. Just a Little Lie. Originally recorded in 1989, and released on cassette tape only, later transferred to CD in 2006 as Disc no 12 in my 12 CD Box Set to mark my 50th year of singing country music. Co-written with Geoff Ashford by Stan Hutchinson, fellow award winner at the Isle of Wight song writing competition in 1985, studio guest musician Sarah Jory joins Geoff and Bill Clarke to provide the musical backing.
  7. Today’s Lovers. The first ever recording of this Geoff Ashford composition which had been in the archives of Sylvantone Music since 1991. Derek Thurlby adds his musical talents to the backing provided by Geoff.
  8. Holland I’ll Keep Coming Back to You. I wrote this as the ‘B’ side of the ‘Floralia’ song (see track 18). I needed a song urgently as we needed the 45rpm single record to make available for the August festival in 1985, so I used the melody of ‘Guernsey I’ll Keep Coming back to you, changed the lyrics for Holland, asked Sarah Jory who was working with me at the time, to add her pedal steel guitar and harmonies to Bill Clarke’s guitar playing, and Sylvia drove to Holland to deliver the 1,000 copies to Oosterhout with time to spare.
  9. There’s a Reason. One of 12 songs released in 1984 on the cassette only promotional release, ‘Sylvantone Songbook Volume 1’, sent to many of my fellow recording artistes. Derek Thurlby and Bill Clarke provide all the musical backing.
  10. The South Will Rise Again. Written by Alan Westwood, I recorded my version of his song in 1992 on my first CD recording ‘Livin’on Lovin’. Apart from music backing provided by Maurice Hipkiss (steel guitar and fiddle) and the vocal harmonies of Patti Vetta and Geoff Ashford, all the other backing was provided by Max T. Barnes at his studio in Nashville. Like a few of the other songs on this album like the two ‘Holland’ songs, ‘Man in the Sky’, Say a Prayer’ and ‘Thanks to the Hanks’, although already available on other recent ‘download’ compilations, they were rather ‘hidden away’ among many cover versions of songs, and I wanted to give them a ‘New Lease of Life’ on an album of all original songs.
  11. Good Old Songs. Another song gathering dust in the Sylvantone Music archives, Geoff Ashford sent the original demo of this song to me in 1984. A song about a soldier returning home to the pub in his old home town, reminiscing about the time spent singing the ‘Good Old Songs’. Geoff provides all the musical backing, including ‘tinkling the ivories’ on the ‘shabby old piano’ (to quote the words in the song)
  12. Emma. Like ‘Track 4, ‘You Can’t Win Them All’, this song was sent to me in 2005 by songwriter Terry McKenna, with David Tucker providing him with all the musical backing. I first met Terry when we were working together at a country music club in Leicester back in 1971. He was just getting in to the British country music scene, having previously worked as a Butlins ‘Redcoat’. In 1973, he won the National ‘Wrangler’ song writing competition, receiving his prize at the Country Music Festival at Empire Pool Wembley in 1973. The first song I ever sang at the Grand Ole Opry in Nashville in 1977 was Terry’s composition. ‘Nashville Rain’. Since then, I recorded many more of his songs, and in both 1978 and 1979, Terry was voted CMA(GB) ‘British Country Music Songwriter’ of the year.
  13. Dime Store Valentino. ‘Story’ songs have always been among my favourite kind of country songs to sing. Classic songs like ‘El Paso’, ‘Coward of the County’, and ‘The Gambler’ were often included in my repertoire. I have also sung several of Geoff’s story songs over the years, and this is another one, originally sent to me in 1985.
  14. Say A Prayer for the Lonely Ones. Since 2011, I have regularly appeared at Paul Wheater’s annual Whitby Gospel Music Convention, compering the whole weekend event, and singing short spots on each of five different shows. Ever since Geoff sent me this song, I have sung it there regularly, as well as singing it in church occasionally, and it has become a real favourite. Although already included on my gospel compilation album ‘The Old Rugged Cross’, I felt it should be given a ‘new lease of life’ on this album of all British written songs.
  15. I Won’t Say I Love You ‘til I Do. Included on the long delayed release of my CD album ‘The Millennium Project’ (released in 2001) this Terry McKenna composition was recorded in Steve Isherwood’s home studio in Leeds. As well as Steve, on this track you will hear contributions from Graham Metcalf (pedal steel guitar), Andy Diggle (keyboard) and Geoff Ashford (harmony vocals).
  16. The Devil Got to Me. Another demo sent to me on cassette tape by Geoff Ashford back in 1985. I sing the vocals, Derek Thurlby adds his contribution and Geoff Ashford supplies all the rest of the backing.
  17. Bird on the Wing. Songwriter Terry McKenna often told me that this was one of his favourite compositions. Originally recorded by me on my 1978 LP album ‘Mr. Country Music’, record producer Bill Clarke provides all the musical backing at his Box Recording Studio in Heckmondwike, West Yorkshire.
  18. Floralia Gardens at Oosterhout.. As you will have seen on Track 8, I was asked to write a song by the organisers of the Floralia Country Music Festival, held in the Gardens in Oosterhout, Holland. Each year (I sang there 16 times in 25 years), over 10,000 people would pour through the gates on each of the two days, Saturday and Sunday, the second weekend in August, leading it to become the best country music event in Europe, voted for by readers of the magazine Country Gazette. I wrote the words, and Geoff Ashford the melody, with Sarah Jory adding her steel guitar and harmony vocals in Bill Clarke’s Yorkshire based studio. For many years, this song would be part of the festival’s ‘Finale’, with all the acts on stage, singing the song (words were provided) as well as the usual song ‘Will the Circle be Unbroken’.
  19. Lets Live the Good Life Again. Another Terry McKenna song, recorded in 1977 for the album ‘Written in Britain, with the all-star line-up of musicians in Bill Clarke’s studio. (See Track 2, Written in Britain for details.
  20. Raise the Flag. Having seen the success of Alan Westwood’s song ‘The South will Rise Again’ (track 10), especially among the ‘Cowboy’ fraternity who put the Western’ into the Country & Western country music clubs in Britain, not only dressing up as cowboys (and cowgirls), but closing the evening with American Trilogy, and gunfire at the end, Geoff Ashford thought he would write a song which stood up for both the blue and grey side of the American Civil War. This song is the result. (Give Geoff any subject, and he can write a song about it).
  21. Thanks to the Hanks. To mark my 20th year of singing country music in 1976, I wanted to release an album as a tribute to four of my biggest influences in my early singing career, Hank Williams, Hank Snow, Hank Thompson and Hank Locklin. I had the title of the album ‘Thanks to the Hanks, but felt that Pete Sayers, who was staying with us at the time, would be able to write the song better than me. Pete had already

worked with me a lot, both on stage and in the studio, and not only played the introduction on this song on his trusty Martin guitar, but came back to Yorkshire to record the whole album with me. Amend the lyrics from ’20 years’ to ‘60 years’.

  1. Cowboys. In this song, assigned to the Sylvantone Catalogue in 1985, Geoff Ashford writes about ‘cowboys’ dreaming of becoming country music stars in Nashville, a dream that only becomes true for a very small minority. Maybe ‘Bob’ and ‘Frank’ might be lucky.
  2. Bingo Bill. Written and first recorded by Paul Wheater, organiser of the Whitby Gospel Music convention, many of we Northern based artistes like Paul and myself, grew up singing our songs in the pubs and Workingmens Clubs in the area. We knew a big percentage of the audience came to play ‘Bingo’ and not


listen to us. Recorded in 1979 on the ‘Life Complete’ album, musicians included Bill Clarke, Derek Thurlby and from North Carolina, two of George Hamilton IV’s band, Don Ange (keyboard and Dick Schuyler (bass guitar)

  1. .Sunday Loving Woman. Like track 10, (You’re the Reason), this is another Dez Craze composition, first released on the promotional cassette tape ‘Sylvantone Songbook Volume 1’ in 1984. Both Dez’s Band, the ‘Country Craze’ and my own band ‘Goodacre Country’ were among the most popular and best known Leeds area country music bands in the late 1960’s and early 1970’s.
  2. Man in the Sky. Written by Inverness based songwriter, the late Stewart Ross, this was another song first recorded by me in 1984 on the promotional cassette ‘Sylvantone Songbook Volume 1’. It then became the title track of my first Gospel album, released on CD in 2007, later to be included on my Gospel compilation CD ‘The Old Rugged Cross, and often sung ‘live’ by me at Whitby.’

All songs published by Sylvantone Music.

New Tracks 1,3,4,5,7,11,12,13,16,22. - Studio production by Dan Wesley, Twangmeister Studios Grimsby U.K.

After reading all that, I’m sure you just can’t wait to buy, download or stream this new album, or at least some of the new songs I’ve never recorded before.

REASON FOR DELAYS As you will have read in the Christmas newsletter, no sooner had Geoff Ashford made a start on the first new song, ‘Today’s Lovers’, that his 20 year old recording machine broke down beyond repair, and could no longer be used. He was able to record midi files for bass, drums and keyboard, but that was all. Over the years, he had done a few favours for a friend in Bradford who had a non-commercial recording studio, and by travelling from his home in Pontefact to the other side of Bradford, and by making several ‘nightmare’ drives in traffic, he was able to slowly add rhythm guitar and a ‘guide’ vocal (for me to learn the song in my key), and send them to me, and we were ready at the end of April to add some Steel guitar, lead guitar and anything else Derek Thurlby might like to add. Derek had worked with me on many of my albums between 1979 and 1985, as well as work with me on the road, not only on tour with me with my nine piece ‘Session Band’, but also as a duo, trio or band on many gigs around the country. Derek is always very much in demand, and througout May he was touring nationwide as a member of the 60’s band, The Fourmost. However, by the beginning of June, he hoped to be able to make a start. As we were on holiday in Nottinghamshire early June for Sylvia’s birthday, I contacted him, and discovered he had been in hospital for 10 days with acute kidney failure, and was awaiting prostate surgery. Naturally, I didn’t want to pressure Derek – the important thing for was him to get better, and I had no planned major release date for the album. I was happy to release it when it was ready. However, when I rang him, he had had his surgery, and although he could not lift his steel guitar, he could play it, and had already started on my songs, and sent some of them to Dan in his studio. So, thanks again Derek, and here’s to your making a full and complete recovery.

COUNTRY MUSIC PEOPLE MAGAZINES As many of you know from previous newsletters, I have been trying to de-clutter by finding someone who would like my complete collection of Britain’s leading country music magazine, Country Music People, from issue no 1 in 1969 until October 2018, when I closed my subscription. Samuel Purdy, one of my friends from Northern Ireland who helps Paul Wheater with his Gospel Convention in Whitby every year, read about them in our Christmas newsletter, and said he would like them. So, in May, he flew in from Belfast to Leeds/Bradford airport a day early, drove up to Redcar, loaded them in his hire car (they only just fitted into the boot, and it certainly weighed it down), then drove to Whitby. He then loaded them into the van belonging to the Amen Gospel Praise Band (also appearing at Whitby), who took them back to Belfast when they left Whitby on the Monday morning.

  1. GOSPEL MUSIC CONVENTION 2019 This was another great weekend in May, with the highlight for me being the 16-piece mixed voice choir (and various combinations) from the Faroe Islands, ‘Voices of Faroe’. It’s always great to meet up again with so many of the fellow artistes and friends we’ve made over the years, since I first became involved with singing and compering there since 2011. The main acts have already been listed for the 2020 event, Friday, Saturday and Sunday, 22nd 23rd and 24th May 2020. More details in our Christmas newsletter. But for now, there’s another event to look forward to

FILEY GOSPEL BRIGGFEST – 9th, 10th & 11th August, 2019. Following the most enjoyable event arranged by Paul Wheater last year in the Evron Centre, a small 120 seat theatre in Filey, a seaside town just south of Scarborough, there will be another weekend for you to enjoy a great line-up of acts. On Friday evening and Saturday evening, Tony, Dan Wesley, Samuel Purdy, Filey Fishermen’s Choir, Paul Wheater, Bill Dunn and one further act to be confirmed will all be appearing. On the Saturday afternoon, Jimmy Cricket (who was at his brilliant best at the November ‘Winter Warmer’ at Whitby Pavilion in 2015) will be joined by Paul Wheater singing a ‘Jim Reeves Special’ programme. For those staying or living in the area, there will be a coffee morning with a few songs on the Sunday morning, and a non-denominational sermon from Pastor Bill Dunn. Sylvia and I will be driving back home then, so hope to see you on either the Friday or Saturday.

Ticket prices: Full weekend £30. Friday evening £12. Saturday afternoon and evening £18. Sunday morning free. If seats are available, tickets for individual concerts may be purchased on the door. Cash or cheques to be made out to WGMC. And mailed to 24 Eskdaleside, Sleights, Whitby, YO22 5EP. Phone 01947-810561. Website www.paulwheater.co.uk/home/wgmc

On the Friday and Saturday of this weekend, Filey International Food Festival will be taking place, free admission,, so there will be plenty to eat, drink and enjoy on the Friday and Saturday mornings as well. Sylvia and I had a good look round on what was a glorious sunny weekend last year.

  1. STATISTICS I try to include some sales statistics with every newsletter, usually from Spotify. But recently, there has been increased streaming activity from Apple Music, so I’ll start with the following, for the 6 month period up until 16th June 2019. Apple Music, a total of 1194 streams. 1.The Old Rugged Cross; 2.T.T. Hall of Fame (Glyn du Monte); 3.No Such Place as Heaven; 4.You’ve Made My Life Complete; 5.On the Other Hand; 6.Merry Go Round of Love; 7.Sarnia Cherie; 8.Why Me Lord?; 9. Livin’ on Lovin’; 10.Country Music is my Life; 11.Big Muddy; 12.When We First Fell in Love; 13.Face in the Crowd; 14.Something Special; 15.I Pretend that I’m Loving You; 16.With This Ring; 17.Ballad of a Young Woman; 18.How Sweet Love can Be; 19.Song of the River; 20.All that Thrills my Soul. Apple Music streams were spread over 19 different countries, with U.S.A. and Australia each with over 400 streams in the first two places, U.K. Canada and Switzerland next, and all the others with just a few. In, order, the countries are U.S.A., Australia, U.K., Canada, Switzerland, Ireland, Israel, South Africa, France, Japan, South Korea, New Zealand, Germany, Russia, China, Denmark, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Ukraine.

Most streams on Spotify for the same six month period are:- 1.You’ve Made My Life Complete; 2.The South Will Rise Again; 3.The Old Rugged Cross; 4.It’s Almost Tomorrow; 5.Sarnia Cherie; 6.Three Wooden Crosses; 7.Two Glasses of Loneliness (Geoff Ashford). 8.What a Friend we Have in Jesus; 9.King of the Rodeo (Geoff Ashford);

10.All that Thrills my Soul is Jesus: A total of 6,047 streams from Spotify, spread over 260 different tracks and from 44 different countries around the world. In order, these are U.K., Australia, U.S.A., Germany, France, New Zealand, Netherlands, Hong Kong, Switzerland, Norway, Singapore, Poland, Malaysia, Denmark, Sweden, Spain, Mexico, Ireland, Brazil, Argentina, Philippines, Italy, Chile, Malta, Belgium, Finland, Thailand, Honduras, Turkey, India, Indonesia, Taiwan, South Africa, Panama, Portugal, Japan, Czech Republic, Iceland, Luxembourg, Estonia, Israel, United Arab Republic, Greece, Slovakia,

Over the last three months, a new Stream partner has been showing up as income on my CDbaby account. Pandora Radio, Pandora Plus and Pandora Premium have all contributed a few dollars as I am the owner of all my recordings, including the recent various artistes album, ‘Cheatin’ Lyin’ Drinkin’ Cryin’. Many of the songs from this album have contributed, but the most popular came from my version of ‘I’m Just A Country Boy’, Geoff Ashford’s ‘Line Dancing’ and Stu Page’s ‘Country Picker’. Even though a single stream is only worth $0.0008cents, a few hundred streams soon add up. Every little helps!

CD BABY PARTNER COMPANIES. I promised to let you have a list of the companies which have produced small amounts of income for me over the last few months. Spotify, Amazon Music, Amazon UK Premium Service, Pandora Radio, Pandora Plus, iTunes UK, Amazon MP3 UK, Pandora Premium, YouTube Music, Apple iTunes, Amazon MP3 Germany, iTunes Australia, Apple Music UK, Apple Music US, iTunes Canada, Amazon US Premium Service, Deezer, Facebook, Google Music Store, iTunes Switzerland, iTunes Europe, iTunes other territories, Amazon Cloud Drive, iTunes Match UK, Napster, iTunes New Zealand, Amazon Premium ROE, Apple Music Japan, Amazon JP Premium Service.

ONE WEDDING AND A FUNERAL not four weddings! Please see below for more details.

At our time of life, it’s more usual to be invited to four funerals and no weddings, but as you will have read in the Christmas newsletter, we received an invitation from Geoff Baxendale (who helped Brian Hayes run the Tony Goodacre Fan Club for nearly 40 years) and his partner Robin, that they were planning to get married in April, on the Thursday before Easter. We were delighted to accept the invitation, and it really was a wonderful day. As you know, we don’t usually travel long distances in the car these days, but not only did Sylvia offer to do most of the driving, in the end she did nearly all of it. We booked into the Holiday Inn in Lancaster for two nights, less than half an hour’s drive from the wedding service and reception at Hadlow’s, on the A6 in Cabus, just north of Garstang. After checking in, we drove down to see Geoff and meet Robin at their permanent caravan at the site just opposite Hadlow’s, and what a lovely caravan it was. Nearby was the main West Coast main railway line and one of his neighbours, a big railway enthusiast with a phone link to the signalman just down the line near Carnforth, called round to tell us that a steam locomotive was due to pass at speed in about 15 minutes time, so Geoff and I joined him. Great excitement, and for any rail enthusiasts who may be reading this, it was ex L.M.S. class 8F number 48151, one of a total of 663 locomotives of this class, built by Stanier and first introduced in 1935. So much for the ferro-equinologists among you. (better known as trainspotters). I did spot this in the 1950’s!

As for the wedding, it was absolutely superb. The weather was warm and sunny, the management and staff at Hadlow’s were so helpful, especially making sure Sylvia in her wheelchair was well looked after, their carvery buffet was the best we had ever had, with a choice of five meats and as much of any of them you wanted, more different vegetables that I could name, Geoff and Robin were the perfect hosts, the official photographer was there all day, and was still there taking photos after we had left after 8.0pm, having been there since around 12.30.

Special mention should also be made of the musicians, keyboard player and singer Conal Duffy, based in the Bolton area of Lancashire, and the drummer Danny who joined him after the meal was over and for dancing later. Very professional and versatile, Conal could play and sing virtually anything. Geoff had asked him if he could learn ‘one of his favourite songs ‘You’ve Made My Life Complete’ so lent him a copy of my recording. He made a really good job of singing it, but he had also taken a liking to my song ‘The Railway Bridge at Crewe’, and also sang that during the evening. Sylvia made a video recording on her camera, but didn’t capture the complete song. Jazz, blues, country, folk, he did everything, and how many other solo singers could sing and play ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’, Bridge over Troubled Water, American Pie, and the drummer was a magician with brushes, not always easy. Booked, initially as the Registrar, but later to act as the Wedding Planner arranging everything, Sandra Perkins also did a wonderful job to make everyone welcome. A real day to remember, and congratulation to Geoff and Robin. May you both have many years of happiness in the future. Sylvia drove us back home on the Friday, calling in at Costco in Leeds to stock up with many household essentials. Saturday was spent unpacking, washing, ironing and re-packing ready to drive to Cambridge to spend a couple of nights at John’s.

Once again, Sylvia did all the driving, and quite enjoyed it as it was Easter Sunday, and there was little traffic and hardly any lorries on the road. As we were attending a family funeral in Bedfordshire, it was an ideal opportunity to make a detour to Cambridge having driven so far south. It was the first time we’d been there for over five years, and it was great to see Liam again, meet his girlfriend, have a barbecue in the garden, make friends with many of the chickens and four day old chicks, collect some eggs to take home with us, and then drive across to Baldock on the Tuesday where we had booked a room for two nights so that we could attend the funeral of Sylvia’s cousin Roy on the Thursday at Holwell, just north of Hitchin on the Wednesday.

FUNERAL OF SYLVIA’S COUSIN ROY It was a complete shock to Sylvia and members of the family when she received a phone call to say that her cousin Roy had died suddenly after what was a ‘freak’ accident’. Just three years younger than Sylvia, they had kept in touch by phone regularly over the years, and he and his wife Hazel had visited us in Redcar two or three times when on holiday in the North of England. Although a sad occasion, it was wonderful for Sylvia to meet again so many members of the Kent branch of the family we hadn’t seen for nearly forty years. She was especially pleased to see her Uncle John who had made the effort to attend at the age of 93. Talking to Hazel on the phone before the funeral, it was she who said to Sylvia that as Roy had always done most of the driving, she was worried she would find it difficult to take the wheel again, especially on motorways in the busy south of the country. It was this that made Sylvia wonder whether she could cope with long distances on motorways. When I was ill, she drove to visit me and take me to hospital in Middlesbrough, took me to Whitby, and locally in Saltburn, Guisborough and Redcar, all non-motorway driving. So, not only did she drive to and from Lancaster, but also all the way to Cambridge as well. She did very well, and she told me we would get there quicker anyway, as she always drives quicker than me. She calls me a ‘Grandad’ driver. Guilty!


HOLIDAYS As usual, I search on line to find self-catering accommodation for our twice a year holidays, usually one in June for Sylvia’s birthday, and one in late September. We usually specify a hot tub, at least two bedrooms, two bathrooms, including preferably one ground floor bedroom with en-suite, and a detached property. We also try to find a different area of the country each year, which although I may have sung there many times, we never had time for much sightseeing or relaxing. I also usually rule out Devon and Cornwall (too far to travel from Redcar), and Essex and Kent (a real bind to get to the other side of London.). We no long have passports, which rules out abroad, but there’s still plenty to choose from, so we then get a bit more ‘picky’ and prefer off road parking, and not on a holiday village with dozens of children playing all around the site. We then rule out some on price if it is too expensive, but don’t mind paying a bit more for extra quality.

Last month, (June), we found Sherwood Forest Lodge in King’s Clipstone, near Mansfield in Nottinghamshire, on the edge of Sherwood Forest. The cottage was ideal for the two of us, all on ground floor level, clean, modern, warm and comfortable and well appointed. The owner Jackie and her Dad were helpful, a bottle of Prosecco and biscuits to welcome us and were there when needed. At first, we couldn’t get the electric convector hob to work, and nor could Jackie. In the end, we discovered that the previous occupants had switched on the ‘child lock’ and not changed it back after leaving. The only problem was nothing to do with the accommodation – it was the weather. It rained on the way down from Redcar on the Friday, it rained all day Saturday. The sun came out on the Sunday, and we spent a lovely day at Renishaw Gardens, about 35 minutes drive away on the road towards Sheffield. Then it was raining all day Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, and it just stopped briefly on the Friday morning as I loaded the car, then it started to rain again. On the Wednesday, we drove to Meadowhall shopping centre in Sheffield. We could park under cover, we could go to the cinema using our 2 for 1 Meeerkat movies app, we had a Tesco voucher for a ‘free’ meal at Pizza Express. What could go wrong? Well, first of all, I couldn’t find the Pink car park, I parked in the Red car park after getting directions, and sure enough, there were some disabled car spaces. None available, so I used a ‘normal’ space, and we took the lift up to the shopping floor. Booked our cinema tickets, decided to swap the big scooter for the manual wheelchair, so I left Sylvia having a coffee whilst I went back to the car. But I didn’t – THE LIFT HAD BROKEN DOWN AND WAS OUT OF ORDER. No problem, I could use the Marks and Spencer lift – but that didn’t take me down to the car park. I then got completely lost, getting wrong directions, driving the scooter with so many people stepping in front of me concentrating on using their mobile phone and not looking where they were going. I was panicking – I had paid for a cinema ticket, and it was getting near to screening time. Sylvia was far from happy, as I had not rung her to tell her I was lost. In the end, someone helped me carry the wheelchair up the escalator, we took both scooter and wheelchair to the cinema and restaurant, we didn’t really enjoy the film ‘Rocketman’ – far too much drug taking and swearing. (we much preferred Bohemian Rhapsody’). We just couldn’t face doing any shopping (as was the original plan), and just wanted to get back to our lodge. We were told we would need security to take us back to our car, but by then, the lift was working again, and we got out of Meadowhall just as rush hour was starting! We just couldn’’t wait to get back and into the hot tub, with Sylvia using an umbrella to avoid the rain diluting her gin and tonic. (see photo on her Facebook post). The hot tub was ideal for the two of us, maybe with one child, but a bit of a squeeze for four. The only thing lacking was a means of drying costumes and towels. A line and pegs were supplied, but with no sun for six days, and a wind blowing the rain onto the washing line, this would be our only complaint about the lodge. We would certainly recommend it for a couple, and also the local pub/restaurant The Dog and Duck, less than ten minutes walk on a track by the fields in the rain, but just 3 minutes in the car. An excellent menu, friendly service, and highly recommended. A relaxing week, but a pity about the rain.

  1. are now looking forward to our next holiday in Cumbria. Originally, we had booked a detached bungalow in Norfolk (Rosevere), but having read the on line reviews for last year, and then another bad review for May this year, there were so many things wrong with it to list here. Needing deep clean throughout, broken steps into the pool, an out of date hot tub, grass in the garden knee high and no good for children to play, the pub advertised a walk down the road was now closed, etc. etc. Cottages.com the bookers we used were very helpful, and said we could transfer our deposit to any other cottage they advertised, with only a nominal reduced ‘transfer’ fee. And that’s how we found the cottage in Cumbria and booked it immediately. Something to really look forward to!

  1. LAST. By the time you read this newsletter, the new CD album will already be available to buy from me through my website, £10 cash, cheque payable to A.Goodacre or through PayPal. Download and streams through CDbaby.com and some of their partner companies are also now available, with others to follow soon. Thank you for all your continued support, which is much appreciated. Love from us both, Sylvia & Tony.


WELCOME First of all, I would like to welcome you all to this, our Christmas 2018 newsletter. A special welcome to several of you who will be receiving our newsletter for the first time. Some of you asked me to add your name to the list, and others may be added simply because your name appeared on my e-mail list over the last six months and was added automatically. I try to edit this, but if you do not want to receive future newsletters, simply reply to my e-mail address tonygoodacre@hotmail.com ‘please delete’ and I won’t be offended. Most family news is posted by Sylvia on her Facebook account. (I don’t ‘do’ Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or any other similar site), so for more up to date family and friends type of news and photographs, send Sylvia an e-mail to sylviagoodacre@hotmail.com asking her to add you to her Facebook ‘Friends’ list.

BRIAN HAYES. As most of you know, Brian took over the running of my Fan club, formed in 1975 by Pete & Bette Sewell from Essex, back in1979, and ran it, sending out these regular newsletters until my retirement from life ‘on the road’ in 2010. It is with great sadness, therefore, that I must tell you that Brian died peacefully, aged 84, on 28th July 2018, at the care home in Blackburn where he had been living for several months. Sylvia and I were so pleased that we were able to see Brian in June, when we made a detour on the motorways on our way home from our holiday in Dumfries-shire in Scotland, and after meeting up for a meal with Geoff Baxendale in Darwen, made our way to see Brian in Blackburn. He had lost a lot of weight, and by now weighed just over 6 stone, but there was a beaming smile to greet us when he saw us enter the lounge room where he was sitting. along with some of the other residents. We spent over an hour reminiscing about some of the great times we had spent together over the years. Many of you reading this will have met them, as Brian and Geoff would regularly support me by coming to many of my bookings, not only the north of England, but taking his caravan all over Britain and to Holland as well. Sylvia and I would often join them, staying in the car park at Wembley or at the Caravan Club site in Chertsey when we all went to the country music events at Wembley (except for the years when Mervyn Conn paid for us to stay at the Grosvenor Hotel). Brian also had a bigger static caravan in the Lake District, where we stayed with them and went to many bookings in Cumbria and Southern Scotland. We will miss Brian very much, a very kind and generous man. Before he died, it was Brian’s express wish not to have a big funeral, and no wake. Geoff, who was handling all Brian’s affairs, did arrange a small service at Pleasington Crematorium on Friday 3rd August, and asked me if he could use my recorded version of ‘The Old Rugged Cross’, as opening and exit music, to which I was more than happy to agree. It seemed strange not going to his funeral (Sylvia and I had attended both his Mother and Father’s funerals) but were glad we’d seen him, not only in June at the care home in Blackburn, but also when they visited us during our holiday in Ribchester in October 2016. We also realised how much strain it must have been on Geoff Baxendale. He had a full time job, he had his own house in Darwen to look after, both his parents were in different care homes, and yet he still made time to visit Brian at his home in Clayton le Woods  nearly every day to do what he could to help Brian, who for well over a year was unable to go upstairs to bed, and slept in a chair downstairs. He then had the responsibility of getting Brian’s house cleared and sold (no easy task, as Brian was very much a ‘collector’). For example, he had four different microwaves in his small kitchen and about five different vacuum cleaners, four of which were seldom used. Brian had been a country music fan and record collector since his days in the merchant navy, and kept his record collection in a wooden shed in the back garden. I visited the shed once, several years ago, and there were shelves packed floor to ceiling with vinyl LP and 45 EP records, well over 10,000 in total. Once he began to collect C.Ds (which he kept in the house), it is doubtful if he went into the shed for about 20 years. When Geoff came to clear it out, he found that dampness has caused the record sleeves to turn into papier-mache, and the records were ruined, and had to be scrapped. A lesson to be learned for all you collectors.

  1. THORBURN. We received some more sad news when we heard from his daughter Cassandra that Max had died in September, after fighting cancer for a couple of years. It was Max who arranged most of my bookings on the three weeks Australian leg of my three month long ‘Round the World’ singing tour in 1988. Max, who was a big country music fan, was a journalist who virtually ran the local newspaper, presented a country music programme on the local radio station, ran The Silver Dollar country music club in Mildura where he lived, and managed some Australian country music acts as well. I first contacted Max when we were both members of the Nashville based Country Music Association (C.M.A.) telling him that I was planning my tour, I would have my guitar with me, and could he arrange any bookings for me in Australia. Not only did he arrange our accommodation and bookings, radio and TV appearances, but he introduced me to Ray Kernaghan and his talented family who booked me for his own country music festival in Corowa, and asked me to be a guest on all three days of his own show at the huge annual Tamworth Country Music Festival, where I became the first non-Australasian act to appear on any of the shows at the major venues. He also introduced me to Gordon (Pinky) Fellowes who not only booked me for three great shows in and around Sydney, where I met and appeared with top Australian singer Jean Stafford and was backed by her band. They would also usually back most of the visiting American acts in Sydney, Pinky also arranged for me to be a special guest on the Bi-Centennial Australia Day celebration concert at Parramatta by the River, where the audience was estimated to be over 30,000 people. I have often said that this was probably my biggest ‘live’ audience, but we were out-done by two young upstarts at the concert in Sydney, called Cliff Richard and John Denver, who attracted 100,000. Max also began to organise a big country music festival in Mildura later that year, and contacted me to be one of the headline acts in 1989. Unfortunately for me, I was already nearly fully booked for that year, but when I said I would love to come in 1990, he also booked me straight away. He booked me for the Mildura Festival for a full week that year, and again in 2001 where I must have done about ten different shows as well as compere some of them. It was great to be able to return some of Max’s hospitality when we were able to welcome him to stay with us in Redcar. With his journalist hat on, I was able to take him to a special press only get-together at the local speedway stadium, where a young rider from Mildura, who Max knew, had signed to become a rider for the Redcar Bears speedway team. R.I.P. Max, and thank you for introducing me to so many country music artistes and fans in Australia.
  2. MYSTERY ROAD. In the May newsletter, I told you that 1 minute 23 seconds of my recording of the Stewart Ross composition ‘You’ve Made My Life Complete’ was being included as background music in episode 2 of the six ABC Network TV 6 part series, ‘Mystery Road. Well, the programmes were transmitted in Australia in June earlier this year, and although I didn’t see them then, I did watch the whole series when it was repeated on BBC4 TV, two episodes at a time, at 9.0pm on 3 consecutive nights in September. I must admit, I found the plot a bit slow moving at times. After all, it was the first time since the days of the TV coverage of the Floralia Festival in Holland could I hear or see myself on national and international TV. The last time my music was played nationally as background music that I know of (and got paid for) was when my version of ‘A World of our Own’, was played in Wimpy bars. (Remember them?) I heard it myself in both Kings Cross and Elgin branches back in the 70’s. Anyway, I digress. Modest amounts were promptly paid to both me as owner of the recording and publisher, and to Alan Ross, son of his late Father Stewart Ross as songwriter. However, as a ‘spin off’, the complete song appeared on a compilation Spotify playlist album, with the result that during the three month period between the middle of June and the end of November, over 5,000 ‘streams’ have been credited to me. Before you think that I’m going out to buy myself a new yacht on the proceeds, bear in mind that one Spotify stream pays just $US0.008 cents, plus only a small percentage of that to the songwriter and publisher. But they all add up, and I would think that nearly 5,000 more people are now aware of the name of Tony Goodacre. I mention this because over the last three months, I have noticed an increase in the number of streams from Spotify and other streaming services, but even more downloads for some of my other music, particularly some of my gospel recordings, especially from the U.S.A. More statistics later in this newsletter, after I get all the information from CD baby up to the end of November 2018.

NEW ALBUM PLANNED FOR 2019. Having released two new compilation albums ‘Remembering’ and ’80th Birthday Compilation’ at the end of 2017, attracted by a ‘half price’ offer from CDbaby.com, I thought that when I released the Mixed Artists album in 2018, that would be my last one, as over 250 of my best recordings were already available as downloads, and for collectors, all my other songs were still available on the original CD’s. However, I wanted to tie up all the ‘loose ends’ so started to look back through my archives at original songs which I had considered but never yet released digitally, or even on CD. I then contacted Geoff Ashford to see if he would be happy to work with me in his home studio to record some new songs. He readily agreed, but shortly after starting on the project, his twenty year old recording machine finally broke down beyond repair, so we had to think again. I also spoke to Terry McKenna after discovering that I had already recoded one of his songs on the ‘Millennium Project’ CD which I had not yet made available digitally, and he also suggested that he could supply me with the backing tracks of two or three more of his songs. There were also some of my ‘Sylvantone Songbook’ cassette recordings from 1984 and 1985, which I used to send out to fellow artistes to consider for their own recordings . Not only did I have a title for this new album, but when I asked Geoff if he would be interested in writing the song for me, he suggested that I try writing it myself. After all, I had written the title track of ‘Written in Britain’ and a few others. So, starting with the title ‘A New Lease of Life’, I quickly wrote the first two lines of the chorus, and within a couple of days, I had the first draft of the complete song. So, at the time of writing this, we are looking at ways of adding vocals and guitars etc. to some basic drums, bass and piano backing for some original songs. We’ve a few ideas, but any suggestions or offers of ‘mates rates’ help from any of my musical friends would be much appreciated.


  1. GOSPEL BRIGFEST 10TH 11TH 12TH AUGUST 2018 For several years, Paul has appeared solo at this lovely 100 seat theatre every Wednesday for a short summer season, so when he was offered the theatre for a full summer weekend, he decided that the cost of hiring the 1,000 seat Pavilion in Whitby for his ‘Winter Warmer or ‘Late Summer Special’ which resulted in him losing money every year, he had no hesitation in accepting the offer. The line-up included the Filey Fisherman’s Choir, New Prairie Home Companions, John Gaughan (Saturday afternoon only), Dan Wesley, Samuel Purdy, Paul Wheater, Roger Carswell and me, and I also compered the weekend. Looking, back, I would say that this really was a most enjoyable weekend, which started in the worst possible way, especially for Paul. Although I was on stage, doing a sound check with the help of Dan and Samuel, Sylvia was at the back of the room, and heard all the comments and disgusting comments of Stan Gee and the ‘friends’ in his group, the New Prairie Home Companions. I won’t repeat them here, but sufficient to say, Paul was absolutely distraught that someone he had thought of as a friend would treat him this way after over forty years of ‘friendship’ It would seem that the group had difficulty in parking not only near the theatre, but also outside the B & B accommodation which Paul had booked and paid for, and where Samuel, Dan, Sylvia and myself were also staying. Not only that, but the owners had moved their own car to a nearby car park, leaving a space for them to park virtually outside the B & B. They didn’t even try to unload their instruments (the sound system was already set up), and after an argument with Paul, they ‘spit out their dummy’ (as it was described at the time) and went back home to Teesside. But thanks to the efforts of all the other acts, we all had a wonderful weekend. The choir performed their own sets on both evenings, and even after closing the first half on the Saturday evening, several choir members stay behind to support the rest of us, and bought our CD’s etc. I would particularly like to mention the efforts of Dan Wesley, who not only set up all his sound equipment for us all to use, but also stayed at the side of the stage to operate it. He also played keyboard to back Samuel on his ‘sing-a-long’ spots Also, my thanks to Samuel for transferring twenty of the backing tracks I have used at Whitby for the last two years on to mini-disc, which is what Dan uses himself. Samuel and I manged to change the running order and length of each spot as we went along…..great fun….and as Roger was at the back of the room working as usual on his computer, I waited until he took a bite of his sandwich, then called him up on stage for his contribution. Ever the professional, he finished chewing before he began what to me is always the most entertaining and thought provoking fifteen minutes of evangelism anyone could hear. He always brings a wide variety of books and leaflets with him. He’s also a very good book salesman – even I bought a book about 21 famous people born in Yorkshire. I knew I wouldn’t be one of them – I had heard of some of them like Titus Salt, Anne Bronte and William Wilberforce, but couldn’t see the connection between Kit Calvert and Wallace and Gromit.!!!!! It was particularly nice to see Allen & Bette Ibbotson from York, who came to the Friday evening show. They joined the Fan Club in 1976, and have been friends and great supporters ever since. So, if any of you would like to come to Filey next year, whether for one day or two, Paul has confirmed the dates at the Evron Centre in Filey for August 9th, 10th and 11th, 2019. Line up details in the May 2019 newsletter.

WHITBY GOSPEL MUSIC CONVENTION 2019 The dates for 2019, Paul Wheater’s 20th Annual event are Friday, Saturday and Sunday, 17th, 18th and 19th May To mark this special 20th Anniversary event, Paul has booked a line-up of favourites. Topping the bill on the Saturday afternoon will be Bobby Ball, (the younger half of Cannon & Ball – he’ll thank me for saying that. (appearing this year in pantomime at the Lyceum Theatre in Crewe): For the first time since 2011, Voices of Faroe, a choir from the Faroe Islands. Last time I introduced them as compere, they were called Dupultkvarttin: (it will be easier next year): Live Issue, a top country gospel band from Northern Ireland: Amen Gospel Praise Band, a five (or 6) piece band from Northern Ireland, with a backgound in Showbands with a brass section: Dave Clemo, always a Whitby favourite, a versatile singer/songwriter from Bedfordshire, performing a wide range of music including his own compositions: Dan Wesley, an award winning country and gospel singer from Grimsby, a multi-talented singer, songwriter, musician, record producer and radio presenter who has previously appeared at the Winter warmer events and at Filey. Ayrton Family Band, so popular, they have been booked by Paul as Whitby regulars for several years now. Also regulars are Samuel Purdy, who not only sings some of the songs from his many CD albums, but also leads all the -sing-a-long spots, helps Paul behind the scenes booking some of the artistes and their accommodation, and looks after the Saturday morning music and testimony get-together. Roger Carswell, evangelist extraordinaire – see the Filey line-up on page 3: Paul Wheater, who’s idea this first was 20 years ago, and who is responsible for the whole event and compere Tony Goodacre, who sings a few songs on the three evening shows as well as on the Saturday afternoon. Full details of show times, prices and how to book tickets can be found on Paul Wheater’s website.


  1. 2018. We did well for holidays and short breaks away in 2018. In addition to our usual weeks in June for Sylvia’s birthday and in September or early October, preparing us for the dark nights and long winter days ahead, we also spent a week away in February, celebrating my 80th birthday, as I mentioned in our May 2017 newsletter. However, I didn’t tell the full story. For something really special, our original plan was to book a luxury apartment overlooking the River Ouse in the centre of York, with our own dedicated parking space under the building, and a lift to all the floors. We always have to consider to ease of re-charging the batteries on Sylvia’s big mobility scooter, especially after using it a lot, as we tend to do on our holidays. Sometimes, if we can’t get the scooter into our cottage easily, we leave it in the car, run an extension lead from the window of the cottage, and charge it overnight. Everything seemed perfect, so I booked the apartment, and had paid the deposit. A few days later, I got an email from the bookers of the apartment to tell us that we would not be able to charge the scooter inside the car on ‘health and safety’ grounds. We could charge the scooter, but and there was only the one power point, we would have to move the car to a nearby public car park. They also reminded us than the previous winter, the river overflowed (as it often does in this part of York), the underground car park was flooded, and the only way into the apartment was up a flight of steps and to get out and walk on a makeshift ‘plank’ to get onto dry ground. I had pictures of me, pushing Sylvia in her wheelchair on a narrow plank of wood, with the River Ouse swirling about beneath our feet. Thinking of the story of Peter Pan, I asked if there were any crocodiles in the river in York. She said, ‘no’ but there were a few sharks. So reluctantly I had second thoughts, got my deposit back in full, and booked a seven day holiday at a cottage in East Yorkshire, between Beverley and Bridlington, to take in my birthday. Even in February, we made full use of the hot tub, which was under cover, and only about four yards from the doors of the sun room. Not far enough to even feel the cold. Maybe not the time of year to walk along the seafront, but we were able to visit friends, Geoff & Pat Ashford in Pontefract and Karen & Chris in Eggborough, have some lovely meals out (and in), and Sylvia cooked me a wonderful fillet steak meal, with a bottle of bubbly, and my bottle of special malt whisky (not all of it) to celebrate a memorable birthday. We enjoyed this cottage so much, we booked it again for a week in September, and although I had sung in Bridlington both at the big theatre on the seafront, and at a small pub in the old town for their country music nights, neither Sylvia nor I had really spent any time in Bridlington. So we spent two separate days there, walking from one end of the promenade to the other, where we found Sewerby Hall and Gardens at the north end of the town. From there, I could take the ‘train’ back to the town centre, while Sylvia could speed along at up to eight miles per hour on her scooter (quicker than the train). We also spent a day in York, and for the first time visited the Jorvik Centre, well worth the visit and recommended if you haven’t been before. After being closed for a year as a result of flooding in 2016, it re-opened even better than it was before. In June, we spent a week in a cottage in the village of Dalton, near Dumfries in the Southern part of Scotland. As we approached Dalton, we noticed the black clouds in the sky, and there had been ‘heavy rain’ forecast earlier. We had just checked into the cottage, when the heavens opened, and for over half an hour there was only what could be described as a cloudburst. The conservatory flooded, and the owners who live nearby, quickly came to sweep the water out, and once the rain had stopped helped us unload all our luggage from the car. We don’t really travel ‘light’ when we are away for a week. (think film stars arriving at an airport with about 10 cases. Fortunaely Sylvia doesn’t carry any hat boxes!). Anyway, after that, the weather was kind to us, apart from a day we spent in Edinburgh, when it rained until just after lunchtime. I had parked in a ‘park and ride’ to the South of the city, and had planned a bus tour of the City, plus a ‘Three Bridges’ boat trip on the Firth of Forth. Although we had umbrellas, we got wet waiting for the bus as the bus stops were not under cover, but under trees, and the rain falling off the trees was heavier than the rain outside. But, by the time we were on the boat, the rain had stopped and the sun came out, and we enjoyed seeing the three big bridges from the sea, now spanning the water. Another wonderful day out was spent in Belfast, visiting the Titanic Experience. I hadn’t realised how long it would take us to get from Dumfries to the ferry at Cairn Ryan near Stranraer, so having to catch the early morning ferry was out of the question. We don’t get up at four in the morning these days. So on the next ferry, we still arrived in Belfast around 1.30pm. We didn’t take the car as part of the deal was that we were given free bus passes to use anywhere in the city. We still had plenty of time to see all of the Titanic Experience, although we could have spent longer to see another ship which was included on our ticket. However, we needed to get the a back to the city centre, before connecting with one back to the ferry. Another attraction about our cottage in Dalton is that just over the road there was a Thai restaurant and takeaway. Not so much a takeaway, but “we’ll carry it across the road for you”. What great service and excellent food as well, and of course we always bring enough of our own wine with us on holiday anyway. Another attract of Dalton was that in the village, they have their own


  1. distillery. 74 different s to choose from, and with each one ordered you get a ‘free’ tapas. Sylvia had two, and I tried just one. I never did like or tonic, and although whisky was available along with other drinks, I declined. After all, I had a bottle of malt back at the cottage, and my measures were always more quadruples that doubles. As for tapas, I can’t say I’m a fan. Too fiddly and small to use a phrase! Still, it’s been a good year for holidays for both of us, and we now look forward now to booking for 2019. We’ll start looking on line in the new year, as we can be quite flexible on dates, usually avoiding the school holidays when prices seem to get higher.

YOUTUBE VIDEO CLIPS. In the May newsletter, I told you about the seven new video clips I had uploaded on to the links page of my website. Since then, a few more have been uploaded including my recording of Terry McKenna’s composition ‘Ballad of a Young Woman’, always one of our favourites. Two more filmed at the Whitby gospel Music Convention, ‘No Such Place as Heaven’ from May 2017, with Paul Donnelly helping me out on rhythm guitar, and the old hymn ‘I Love to Tell the Story’ from 2016, with me singing to my backing track. The quality of the recording, taken by a member of the audience on Betamax video during my ‘Session Band’ tour in 1984 was never as good as our later recordings, but as it is the only record of that fabulous tour, I thought it would be worth while adding another video clip to the instrumental ‘Orange Blossom Special’ already uploaded, featuring Gerry Hale and Derek Thurlby. So, you will now find ‘Written in Britain’ on YouTube as well. I have also added two songs, Livin’ on Lovin’ and ‘The South will Rise Again’ from the live recording taken by bass player Alan Forsyth’s wife Gloria at the Pavilion Theatre, Worthing. She had to climb two flights of steps and then a ladder to join the theatre’s lighting engineer, almost in the roof of the theatre to film it, using our video camera. She did a great job, and I particularly wanted to add these clips, because it featured Alan on bass, and harmony vocals. Alan would often work with me and the band, and it was not long after that when he suffered a severe stroke from which he has never properly recovered, needing care home help ever since. I recently had a new update from Gloria, and in recent months, they have both really had a lot of problems. So I thought it would be nice to bring back a few memories for them, and many of you country fans, seeing Alan on stage once more. We hope that things improve for both of them for Christmas and in 2019. Geoff Ashford has also added another video of his version his own song ‘The Artist’. Most of Geoff’s video clips can also be seen on his own website, where he is currently enjoying a lot of success, with over 1,000 streams already for his song ‘Line Dancing’, the recording of which can be downloaded and streamed from my various artists album ‘Lyin, Cheatin’, Drinkin’ Cryin’ by Tony Goodacre and Friends.

HEALTH UPDATES Last year, we told you about Sylvia’s accident on her scooter. Well, we’re pleased to tell you, that by the time we went on holiday in June, nearly nine months after the accident, her left arm and shoulder were back to normal, and she was able to use her big scooter once again. (Although she is very wary on the pedestrian crossing where it happened.) However, the car driver’s insurance company were very good and paid for all her medical and physio treatment, and promptly paid her personal injury claim settlement. Although not connected to the accident, she has had considerable pain in her right elbow for some time (tennis elbow they told her, although she has never played tennis). However, it seems she was quite a demon with the hockey stick at school – even if she didn’t hit the ball, she seemed to hit one of the opposing team! That’s what she told me anyway…I didn’t know her at the time. She had a steroid injection which made it a lot easier, so we hope the relief lasts well into the new year. She is also finding it very painful to walk around the house because of a problem with one of her toes. She’s just pleased she can’t walk very far outside, otherwise it would be too difficult. I feel I am doing very well, and after a few minor setbacks later in the year, my myeloma cancer treatment remains in remission, just over five years since I was first diagnosed in 2013, and in July 2014 started on my ‘Myeloma XI’ experimental treatment with Lenalidomide. After finding traces of blood in my urine after a routine monthly bloods test, further scans and test revealed nothing serious, and I was signed off from the Urology department last month. After an eye test in August, it was found that I didn’t need new glasses but a simple laser treatment in my left eye. My December appointment was then cancelled and postponed until next February. By then, I could hardly read anything apart from black print on white page, and even then by using a magnifying glass, so I rang to see if my appointment could be brought forward. I was lucky, the eye outpatients department has just had a cancellation, I had the treatment which only takes a few minutes on November 28th, and noticed the difference the next day. I could read small print again, the TV screen looked brighter, and outside everything seemed so clear. I’m still getting used to my hearing aids, especially when there’s a lot of background noise, but I’ll stick with the gaps and the teeth I’ve still got. No dentures for me yet!


  1. FROM SPOTIFY & APPLE MUSIC. I always enjoy compiling the lists I get from Spotify and Apple Music I get from CDbaby and hope you enjoy reading them, to discover which have been the most popular recordings from my digital compilation albums. For the period from 1st January to 30th November 2018, the top 30 songs have been as follows, from a total of 5,687 streams, spread over 276 different tracks, and streams in 40 different countries. All songs recorded by me (T.G.) except where shown, (G.A. Geoff Ashford), (D.C. Duncan Calcutt), ((C.B. Carolann B). Original songs published by Sylvantone Music, marked with an asterisk *). 1.You’ve Made My Life Complete*: 2.The South Will Rise Again*: 3.The Old Rugged Cross: 4.All That Thrills my Soul is Jesus: 5.Redback on the Toilet Seat: 6.Three Wooden Crosses: 7.Sing an Irish Song* (duet G.A. & TG): 8.Sarnia Cherie: 9.It’s Almost Tomorrow: 10=.Christmas Day* (G.A.): 10=.Line Dancing* (G.A.) 12.,A White Sport Coat: 13.What a Friend We Have in Jesus): 14.When We First Fell in Love*: 15.Don’t Play Your Cheating Heart*: 16.Texan Nights* (G.A.): 17. Daddie’s Little Girl* (C.B.): 18.We Were Right* (G.A.): 19.The Edinburgh Song*: 20.Why Me Lord?: 21.The Three Bells (Jimmy Brown Song): 22.Canadian Pacific: 23.Mocking Bird Hill: 24.Hawaiian War Chant: 25.Run Back to Me* (G.A.): 26.Peaceful Easy Feeling (D.C.): 27.Crying Time: 28.Atomic Wars* (G.A.): 29.A World of our Own: 30:Cotton Candy World* (duet T.G. & G.A.). The top 25 countries out of 40 are: 1.U.K. 2.Australia. 3.U.S.A. 4.New Zealand. 5.Canada. 6.France. 7.Norway. 8.Sweden. 9.Poland. 10.Germany. 11.Netherlands. 12.Belgium. 13.Ireland. 14.Turkey. 15.Malaysia. 16.Spain. 17.Phillipines. 18.Denmark. 19.Italy. 20.Honduras. 21.Singapore. 22.Switzerland. 23.Brazil. 24.Finland. 25.Thailand. There were also a few streams from unexpected countries like Peru, Vietnam and Bolivia. Apple Music. 1.The Old /Rugged Cross. 2.Why Me Lord? 3.Wings of a Dove. 4.I Love to Tell the Story. 5.No Such Place as Heaven*. 6.You’ve Made My Life Complete*. 7.All That Thrills my Soul is Jesus. 8.Sarnia Cherie. 9.My Name is Billy*. 10.What a Friend We Have in Jesus. 11.Raise the Flag*. 12.Joshua Fought the Battle ‘Round Jericho. 13.Say a Prayer for the |Lonely Ones*. 14.The Three Bells. 15.Three Wooden Crosses. 16.The South Will Rise Again*. 17.Merry Go Round of Love. 18.He’s Got the Whole World in His Hands. 19.El Paso. 20.Line Dancing* (G.A.). The Apple Music Streams were in just 11 Countries, and most of them from the U.S.A. 1.U.SA. 2.U.K. 3.Canada. 4.Australia. 5.Ireland. 6.Netherlands. 7.Switzerland. 8.New Zealand. 9.South Africa. 10.France. 11.Vietnam. The only download site from whom I get statistics is iTunes with just 27 downloads, with most downloads coming from Amazon, but it would take me too long to extract the full details from the thousands of streams and downloads I get from all the different companies, which I listed on page 3 of the May newsletter.

COUNTRY MUSIC PEOPLE MAGAZINES It must be nearly two years ago that I told you all that Sylvia and I wanted to ‘de-clutter’ our house, and that my collection of EVERY Country Music people magazine, all in mint condition in binders, from the first issue in February 1970 right up to and including September 2018 were available for any reasonable offer. I did get one response earlier this year from someone who wondered if I had had any response for my advert in the magazine. He rang me because he had a similar problem with about 20 years of magazines to dispose of, plus a collection of around 1,000 vinyl country albums. It seems that there are several more people who have the full collection of CMP magazines, so unless I hear from anyone who would like them FREE (you would need to collect them from Redcar), the whole lot will get re-cycled early next year. Thankfully, my LP collection is rather more modest, so thanks to Sylvia buying me a music centre last year so that I can copy LP to MP3 or CD, I’ll hang on to them a while longer.

LAST MINUTE NEWS. Just when I thought I could finish typing this newsletter, an item of last-minute news which I wanted to share with you. The great news is that Geoff Baxendale will be getting married in April, and that Sylvia and I will be able to attend this event near Garstang in Lancashire. Who remembers my regular country music bookings for Pete Nelson at the Chequered Flag? (which is now called something else.) No, the wedding is not there, but it’s a good excuse for Sylvia and I to have a couple of days away somewhere in the area. At a time in life when we get to attend so many funerals, it’s great to get a wedding invitation. Congratulations Geoff, and we’re so pleased for you.

  1. May I close by wishing you all, family and friends, a very Merry Christmas, with Good Health and Happiness for 2019. Love from us both,

Sylvia & Tony. 

22nd October 2018.  Over the next few weeks (or months) I plan to make selected chapters of my 50th Anniversary Souvenir Book available to read on line.  I only have 5 copies left, and I can't really warrant a cost of another reprint or update.  As Sylvia posts all recent family photos on her Facebook page, I have now deleted the 'Photos - Family' page  on this website, and you will find 'under construction' in it's place.  Sorry, this project has been delayed.  I hope to make a start on this in 2020
I will also in time change the 'Music' page, as I have not added anything to it for some time.  This is because I already have over 250 audio clips available to hear, free, either on my CDbaby link, or you can also find them on most download and streaming site like iTunes, Amazon MP3, Google Music, Apple Music, Spotify, Deezer and about 20 more sites around the world.
15th October 2018  I continue to add more video clips on to my YouTube links page.  Following the successful transmision on Australian Network TV of the 6 part crime series 'Mystery Road' early in June in which about 80 minutes of Tony's recording of 'You've Made My Life Complete' was  used as background music on one of the scenes in episode 2, the whole six programme series was shown on BBC4 here in the U.K. in September. The complete song has also bee added to a Spotify playlist, resulting in a few thousand 'streams' over the last few months.

June 2nd 2018.      For those of you who do not receive the May newsletters, here is a copy of the most recent one, sent out last month.   I have also posted another version of 'No Such Place as Heaven' on to YouTube, filmed by Sylvia at this year's Whitby Gospel Music Convention.  For the Friday night concert, I was joined by my friend Paul Donnelly on guitar.   Just click on the YouTube link on the LINKS page of this website


WELCOME. Welcome to our latest newsletter. It’s hard to believe that we started to send out regular newsletters by post to our friends, fan club members and family way back in 1975. Starting with bi-monthly, then quarterly, much of the space was taken up by listing all the various bookings, usually at least 25 each and every month. Since retiring, now, I have just two dates per year, details later in this newsletter.

It’s always nice to welcome new friends who may be receiving our newsletter for the first time. Basically, if your e-mail address is on my address book, your name will be on my list. If at any time you don’t wish to receive future newsletters, simply reply to this e-mail, ‘please delete’ and I won’t be offended. Also, if you want to catch up on news in our more recent newsletters from 2017, Christmas and May, you will find them to read on the ‘Latest News’ page of my website, www.tonygoodacre.com

  1. ‘VARIOUS ARTISTES’ ALBUM. As promised in the Christmas newsletter, last month (April 2018), I released a new compilation album for digital download and streaming, entitled ‘Cheatin’ Lyin’ Drinkin’ Cryin’ – track details as follows: 1.I’m Just a Country Boy–Tony Goodacre; 2.Country Picker–Stu Page; 3.Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain – Jeannie Dee; 4.Cheatin’ Lyin’ Drinkin’ Cryin’-Mick Haley; 5.All My Rainbows-Geoff Ashford; 6.On the Other Hand-Tony Goodacre; 7.Standing Tall-Jeannie Dee; 8.Sing an Irish Song-Tony Goodacre & Geoff Ashford (duet); 9.Hasta Luego-Tony Goodacre; 10.T.T.Hall of Fame-Glyn du Monte; 11.Texan Nights-Geoff Ashford; 12. Peaceful Easy Feeling-Duncan Calcutt; 13.Nathan’s Reel-Stu Page (instrumental); 14.Daddie’s Little Girl-Carolann B; I Started to Stop Loving You Today-Mick Haley; 16.Line Dancing-Geoff Ashford; 17.Tangled Mind-Tony Goodacre; 18.Stay Here and Drink-Stu Page; 19.Crazy Arms-Jeannie Dee; 20.Triad-Arthur Layfield (instrumental); 21.One More Broken Heart-Stu Page; 22.I Fall to Pieces-Jeannie Dee; 23.International Ambassador of Country Music-Tony Goodacre; 24.Texas Music-Stu Page; 25.Christmas Day-Geoff Ashford. 26.Merry Christmas One and All-Tony Goodacre & Geoff Ashford (Christmas Jingle for Radio Stations); 27.Ain’t Got Nothing to Wear-Tony Goodacre and Jeannie Dee (aka The Major and the Moaner). Most, but not all songs, could come in the category of the title track, written and sung by Sunderland based Mick Haley. ‘Sing an Irish Song’, is a foot tapping happy song, definitely NOT Cheatin’ Lyin’ or Cryin’, but as for Drinkin’, that would depend on how much Guinness had been consumed, so you could substiture ‘Dancin’ if you wished. As for ‘The T.T.Hall of Fame, this song is definitely for Motor Cycle followers, more details about that later.

This is the second ‘Tony Goodacre & Friends’ Various Artistes album that I have made available for download and streaming through CDbaby.com and their partner companies around the world like iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify, Google Music, Amazon and others including AWA (Japan), Deezer, Google Music Store, iMusica (Latin America), K Digital, KKBox (Taiwan. Malaysia, Singapore), Line Music, Pandora, Rumblefish, Saavn (India), Shazam, Sound Exchange, Tidal, United Media Agency and Yandex (Russia).

  1. through the track listing above, you will probably be familiar with most of the artiste’s names like Stu Page (5 tracks), Jeannie Dee and her husband Duncan Calcutt (5 tracks), Geoff Ashford (4 tracks plus a couple of duets with me) and Mick Haley (2 tracks), all of whom had songs included on the ‘Sylvantone Singers & Songwriters’ album I released in 2011. Add to that 5 tracks from me, not previously available for digital download and 1 from ‘The Major and the Moaner’ I prefer not to detail other than I can promise you that this would be their ONLY recording. However, there are two new names on the list. Carolann B, based in South Yorkshire, already established as one of the most popular singers on the British Country Music scene, and also a presenter on the Leeds area based on-line country radio station UK Country Radio. A demo recording of Geoff Ashford’s original composition ‘Daddie’s Little Girl’ had been in my Sylvantone Music catalogue since 1984. I contacted Jeannie Dee and hoped that she might have been able to record a 2018 version, but sadly she is no longer able to sing. As I am not longer familiar with much of the current British Country Music scene, I contacted Carolann, sending her a basic demo of the song, asking if she could think of anyone who might like to record it, for inclusion of my forthcoming mixed artistes digital album. She loved the song replied straight away, and agreed not only to record an up to date version with Geoff providing the backing, but later in the year hoped to record another version with her own regular musicians, and then release on her own new album.

Glyn du Monte I First met Glyn in the late 1960’s. He was working at what was then the Top Hat Night Club in Saltburn by the Sea in North Yorkshire, playing drums and singing as part of the Ralph Barton Duo. Ralph already knew me from another venue where he played, and rang me around 11.15pm one night asking me if I could get to The Top Hat by around midnight to do a spot for him, as an unexpected party had arrived at the club, and no ‘cabaret’ act had been booked. No sooner said than done, I quickly got dressed, got my guitar, and drove to the club, less than a ten minute drive from my home in Skelton in Cleveland. In those days, I didn’t carry my own sound system so used the club’s own system, Glyn backed me on drums, and it ended up a most successful night. He then suggested that we should team up for bookings around the clubs in the area in places like Middlesbrough, Darlington and Stockton. He would do one spot singing and playing his accordion, I would do one with just my guitar, and then we would be on stage together, me singing and playing guitar, he played drums and sang harmony. Glyn was partially sighted and couldn’t drive, so I was easily able to pick him up at his home in Middlesbrough, and then make our way to that evening’s booking. Glyn would


also do summer seasons and various holiday camps around the coast. I remember he once arranged a booking for me to join him one weekend at the Golden Sands in Mablethorpe. In 1974, I was recording my fist 12” vinyl album ‘Roaming ‘Round in Nashville’ at Keith Murray’s studio in New Marske, and asked Glyn to join me for the recording. We didn’t lose touch, as he and his wife (known as ‘The Two G’s’) were the resident duo for many years in the ballroom of the Royal Hotel in Whitby. As part of the hotel at the back in The White Horse Inn, Paul Wheater arranged a regular weekly country music night every Wednesday and would often book me as a trio or duo with Arthur Layfield. During the break, we would go through to the ballroom to have a chat with Glyn and Gill. Wind the clock forward to 1986, by which time Glyn had moved to live and work in the Isle of Man. He rang me to say he had written a song about the Isle of Man, ‘Manx Heritage’, and wanted to make a 45 rpm record, with another song ‘’T.T. Hall of Fame’ written by Isle of Man resident and Manx Radio presenter David Callister on the other side. Then he and Gill came to Bill Clarke’s studio in West Yorkshire, Bill added some extra backing, and the recording was released as a 45rpm single on Sylvantone Records STNS 8602 in February 1986. So, not only is ‘T.T. Hall of Fame’ included on this album, but I have also used library pictures of the T.T. races to upload a video clip on YouTube. For all you motor cycling enthusiasts, take a listen by typing YouTube/T.T.Hall of Fame/Glyn du Monte on any search engine.

YOUTUBE VIDEO CLIPS Including T.T. Hall of Fame, I have uploaded seven new video clips on to my YouTube link since those detailed in the Christmas 2017 newsletter. These are ‘You’ll Be Home’, my original recording of a Stewart Ross composition, ideal for another Scottish artiste to record and perform in addition to those by John C. King and Mick Flavin, who did an ‘Irish’ version of the song, ‘Hank Williams Medley’ a 15 song, 10 minute long medley recorded at one of my appearances at the Parkes Country Music Jamboree, N.S.W. Australia in 1990. The medley would sometimes be shorter or even longer, but although the song titles could often vary, I would usually include a Hank Williams Medley on most of my shows since 1957. Geoff Ashford has used the updated duet with me version of ‘Sing an Irish Song’, and his friend Steve Brett used his artistic and computer skills on this and four more of the songs taken from the latest album detailed on page 1 of this newsletter. ‘All My Rainbows’, Texan Nights’, ‘Line Dancing’ and ‘Christmas Day’. Feel free to share any of my video clips with your friends, either on YouTube or Facebook. And do leave a comment after viewing – both Geoff and I do read them.

STATISTICS FROM SPOTIFY In the Christmas newsletter, I was able to detail the top ten songs with the most Spotify streams for the 90 day periods from February to April 2017, June to August 2017 and September to November 2017. For the following figures, I have been able to combine the numbers from the 90 day period 1st January 2018 to 2nd April 2018 with the 30 day period 2nd April to 1st May 2018. Even though songs from the new album have only been available for 30 days and the others for 120 days, already five of them can be included in the top 25. With a total of over 2,000 Spotify streams, they have shown 258 different songs, with streams in 39 different countries. All are my recordings unless shown otherwise, The top 25 songs and top 15 countries are:-

1.The Old Rugged Cross; 2.All That Thrills my soul is Jesus; 3.Three Wooden Crosses; 4.The South Will Rise Again; 5.It’s Almost Tomorrow; 6.Line Dancing (Geoff Ashford); 7.Canadian Pacific; 8.Joshua Fought the Battle ‘Round Jericho: 9.A White Sports Coat; 10.Sarnia Cherie; 11.The Three Bells (Jimmy Brown Song); 12.Don’t it Make you Wanna Go Home; 13.Blackboard of my Heart; 14.Why Me Lord?; 15.Sing an Irish Song (duet with Geoff Ashford); 16.Texas Music (Stu Page); 17.Cotton Candy World (duet with Geoff Ashford); 18.Our Anniversary (Geoff Ashford); 20.Tell Me the Story of Jesus; 21.Redback on the Toilet Seat; 22.All My Rainbows (Geoff Ashford); 23.Daddie’s Little Girl (Carolann B); 24.Crying Time; 25.Rockin’ Rollin’ Ocean. There are no real surprises in the location of the top fifteen countries which are: 1.U.K; 2.U.SA; 3.Australia; 4.Spain; 5.Canada; 6.Norway; 7.Sweden; 8.Germany; 9.Singapore; 10.Netherlands; 11.New Zealand; 12.Thailand; 13.Philippines; 14.Brazil; 15.Ireland. Unexpected countries lower down the list include Argentina, Columbia, Mexico, Austria, Guatemala, Iceland and Peru. Other statistics from Spotify show that 75% of streams were from male listeners, 25% female, 27%in the age group 45 – 59, then 24% the over 60’s 16% between 35 and 44, 14% between 18 and 22, and less than 10% between 28 and 34, 23 and 27, and just 2 streams by the under 17’s. I guess I know my market….

APPLE MUSIC STREAMS All the streams on Apple Music are for my own songs, with none from the other artistes on Sylvantone Records. Of the 262 streams in the 120 day period, 156 are from the U.S.A., 22 from the U.K. a few each from Canada, Australia and Indonesia, and the rest with one from each country making up the top ten. There are 48 different songs, many with just one or two streams, but the top ten are as follows, showing the popularity of my gospel recordings, particularly in America: 1.The Old Rugged Cross; 2.My Name is Billy; 3.No Such Place as Heaven; 4.Why Me Lord?; 5.Wings of a Dove; 6.Sarnia Cherie; 7.I Love to Tell the Story of Jesus; 8.Three Wooden Crosses; 9.Terardrop on a Rose; 10.What a Friend we Have in Jesus.

PAUL WHEATER’S 19TH ANNUAL WHITBY GOSPEL MUSIC CONVENTION – MAY 18TH, 19TH 20TH, 2018. Once again, I am delighted to say that Paul has asked me to be part of this, his 19th annual event at the Whitby Pavilion, compering and singing on the concerts Friday evening, Saturday afternoon and evening and Sunday evening. Samuel Purdy will be organising and running the Saturday morning and Sunday afternoon events. Names and brief details of the artistes booked, as printed in the advertising brochure, are as follows:-


Paul Wheater. During 40 years as a professional singer, Paul has had many successes, including two memorable appearances at the world famous London Palladium. He believes that the most important step taken during his life of music has been the setting up on a Gospel Music Convention in Whitby. Paul Jones and Fiona Hendley. This husband and wife team both have highly successful secular careers. Paul was lead singer with Manfred Mann and also leads The Blues Band. Fiona has worked as an actress in theatre and TV, including her acclaimed series ‘Widows’ and the West End musical City of Angels’. It is good to have them with us again with their own brand of Testimony and Evangelism. Tony Goodacre. Known throughout the world as ‘Britain’s Mr. Country Music’ Tony is probably the U.K.’s most travelled and well known Country Singer. He has appeared at venues throughout the world, including the Grand Ole Opry in Nashville, and also joined Paul for his concert at the London Palladium. Simple Faith. A welcome return from the boys who are now in full time ministry. Two of Jonathan’s old stable mates are with us singing with New Dawn. Jonathan used to sing bass for that group. To be strictly correct, he is in the register below bass known as ‘contra bass’ which is mainly heard in Russian Orthodox choirs, so don’t think it’s an earthquake when he hits the bottom notes. The Amen Gospel Praise Band. This popular band from Northern Ireland have strong links with country music and the show band scene. Very professional in their gospel music presentation, the inclusion of a brass section adds some lovely variety to the weekend. The boys are already popular with the patrons. Samuel Purdy. Samuel has been involved with country gospel music since the 1970’s as a performer, producer and radio presenter. He was pianist with ‘Live Issue’ for several years, but has now recently returned to a solo career. Samuel is a permanent member of WGMC, organising ‘Testimony Time’ and also leading the sing-a-long. New Dawn. The reformed group from Northern Ireland are now working as a five-piece. Two of the original members, James Strange and Joe Findlay, are in the line-up and it’s great to have them back with the exciting new version of New Dawn. Joe was with us on our very first convention back in 2000 as a member of the Zionaires. The Ayrton Family. Farming in the beautiful Forest of Bowland area of Lancashire, the Ayrton Family have always had a love of gospel music. Robert and Raymond released their first CD ‘Father’s Side’ as a tribute to their Dad who went to be with the Lord in 2010. The family have attended the Convention for many years and it is good to now have them taking part. Amy Roberts. Hailing from Northern Ireland, this successful entertainer gave her life to Christ in 1990. Since then, Amy has used her fine singing voice to witness her own faith and pass on to others the message of the saving love of Calvary. A long overdue return for Amy and we are pleased to welcome her back. Roger Carswell. We are delighted to have this widely travelled and highly respected evangelist speaking at this year’s event. Stockton Citadel Salvation Army Band. Well established as Sunday afternoon favourites, we are pleased to have the band with us again. All evening concerts, doors open 6.0pm, start 6.45pm. Both Afternoon concerts, doors open 2.00 pm start 2.30pm

Friday evening concert. All the above EXCEPT Paul Jones & Fiona Hendley, Roger Carswell and the S.A.Band

  1. morning Praise & Testimony. Start 10.30am. Samuel Purdy, Roger Carswell and other singers.

Saturday afternoon Concert. Paul Jones & Fiona Hendley, Tony Goodacre, Paul Wheater.

Saturday evening concert. All the above EXCEPT Paul & Fiona, Paul Wheater and the S.A.Band

Sunday afternoon concert. Stockton Citadel S.A.Band, Simple Faith, Roger Carswell.

Sunday evening concert. All EXCEPT The Ayrton Family, Paul & Fiona, Roger Carswell and the S.A. Band.

As you will have gathered from the above, the ONLY concert featuring Paul Jones and Fiona Hendley will be on the Saturday afternoon, and the Stockton Citadel Salvation Army Band only on the Sunday afternoon.

There will be a sacred sing-a-long with Samuel Purdy after doors open, and before the start of every afternoon and evening.

Friday evening – something different from me. On the opening concert on the Friday evening, make sure you get there early if you want to hear something different from me. As most of you know, the side effects of my initial cancer medication treatment affected the use of my feet and fingers, so although I can still walk and get around with the use of my walking stick, I can no longer play my guitar properly. For the first time in my life, I began to use backing tracks for my shows at Whitby. However, following a chance meeting when he attended one of my church concerts I arranged with George Hamilton IV, top local guitarist Paul Donnelly told me he would love to work with me on stage if ever the opportunity arose. Last year I saw him again at a concert when he was backing Flossie Malavialle and asked him if he would be available any time over the WGMC weekend. Unfortunately for me, Paul was only available on the Friday evening, as he was already working with a band on the Saturday, during the day at a wedding, and in the evening at the same hotel venue on both the Saturday and Sunday evenings. So, for a short 20-minute set on Friday, I will be working with Paul as a duo, my voice and his guitar - and no other backing. Having heard what he can do, I’m really looking forward to it. He is very much in demand at the moment, working with both jazz and blues bands, as well as adding his guitar playing to recording projects in his home studio.


THE EVRON CENTRE, FILEY Following request from several of the WGMC regulars, Paul was asked to arrange a ‘Winter Warmer’ type of one day event, so that people didn’t have to wait a full twelve months for the next Gospel Music event. This he tried a couple of times, then last year he moved to the smaller theatre venue next to the Pavilion, but once again, the attendance was disappointing, and the hire fees still expensive. For many years, Paul has been singing for a full summer season once a week on Wednesdays at the Evron Centre in the Yorkshire town of Filey, just south of Scarborough. With seating for just over 100, and hire fees nominal, Paul has arranged what he is calling a ‘Gospel Briggfest’ (locals will know Filey Brigg) over the weekend of August 10th 11th and 12th, with concerts on the Friday and Saturday evenings, and a get-together on the Sunday morning. Booked to appear are John Gaughan (formerly with Herman’s Hermits), Paul Wheater, Tony Goodacre, Samuel Purdy, Dan Wesley, Roger Carswell, New Prairie Home Companions, plus one other group to be confirmed. For up to date information, go to Paul Wheater’s website a bit nearer the time.

FOR ALL MY FRIENDS AND FANS IN AUSTRALIA I am hoping that many of you will already have heard about a forthcoming six-part series on Australian ABC network TV currently being filmed, and due for transmission later this year 2018. It is called MYSTERY ROAD – THE SERIES.

No, you won’t be seeing me in it, but if you are quick, you will hear me singing for 1 minute, 23 seconds as background music for a scene in episode 2.

SYNOPSIS: Detective Jay Swan is assigned to investigate the mysterious disappearance of two young farm hands on an outback cattle station. One is a local Indigenous footy hero, and the other a backpacker. Working with local cop Emma James, Jay’s investigation uncovers a past injustice that threatens the fabric of the whole community.

SCENE: Music plays very quietly in the background at the RSL while Jay, Crystal and Emma have dinner.

SONG: “You’ve Made My Life Complete" by Tony Goodacre.

Veteran actress Judy Davis will join Aaron Pederson in “Mystery Road – The Series,” a TV spin-off from feature movies “Mystery Road” and “Goldstone,” starring Pedersen as an indigenous detective in Australia’s outback. The six-part series will be directed by Rachel Perkins. Pedersen will reprieve his role as Jay Swan as he sets out to investigate the disappearance of two farm hands. Filming in West Australia begins next month. The features were hits for director Ivan Sen and producer David Jowsey. The series will be produced by Jowsey and Greer Simpkin. The screenplay is produced by Michaeley O’Brien, who writing with Steven McGregor, Kodie Bedford, Jon Bell and Tim Lee. Sen and the Australian Broadcasting Corporation’s Sally Riley and Kym Goldsworthy are executive producers.

  1. ALBUM BROCHURE Since I produced my last 24 page album brochure, I have brought out so many more new albums and compilation albums, it would have needed a small book to list them all. After retiring from performing on live shows where I would nearly always sell a few albums, sales of CD’s have now declined so much that nearly all my income from music is based on digital downloads and streaming, and royalties from songs in my Sylvantone Music catalogue. Therefore I have now printed an 8-page brochure with brief details and a list of each individual track on all 13 of the compilation albums currently available. These are 80th Birthday Compilation – 26 tracks; Remembering – 26 tracks; From the Deseert to the Sea – 26 tracks; The Old Rugged Cross – 18 tracks; 60th Anniversary Album – 26 tracks; Your Choice – 29 tracks; 26 More Favourites to Download – 26 tracks; More Songs from the Geoff Ashford Songbook – 15 tracks; Country Music is My Life – 17 tracks; The Country Side of Britain – 12 tracks. Tony Goodacre & Friends – Sylvantone Singers and Songwriters – Various artistes 16 tracks; Tony Goodacre & Friends – Cheatin’ Lyin’ Drinkin’ Cryin’ - Various Artistes 27 tracks; The Sylvantone Years – Geoff Ashford – 24 tracks.

That’s a total of 288 tracks, with probably only about three or four songs repeated. You can find a list of many of the most popular downloading and streaming site on page 1 of this newsletter. If you go on to the CDbaby.com links on my links page, you will be able to hear a short 30 second audio link for every song. And remember, you will be able to watch videos on my youtube link of several songs I have uploaded.

  1. NEWS. There is little new family news I have had since Christmas, so as so many of you are ‘friends’ on Sylvia’s Facebook page, I have decided to make future newsletters mainly about my music news, and let Sylvia keep you up to date on most family matters. Following Sylvia’s scooter accident, after nine physio sessions, her neck and shoulder are now much improved, but she is still under treatment for mobility in her arm, having had a steroid injection last week and another planned for early June. We are both looking forward to our June self-catering holiday (with hot tub) near Dumfries for Sylvia’s birthday, and we had a wonderful relaxing break for my 80th birthday in February. We really enjoyed being able to attend a charity concert at Walesby, organised by Derek Thurlby for his 70th and his wife’s 60th birthday. Great to meet up with and hear musical contributions from so many of our old friends like Ann & Ray Brett, Ray Duffy, Brian & Pauline Topley, Barry Kerry, Les Close, Jon J. Paul, Dave Sheriff, Jonny & Lynette and John Aston,

Meanwhile, Sylvia joins me in wishing you all a happy and healthy time for the rest of the year. Thank you for your continued support, and hope you enjoy hearing more of the music I’ve made available to download ‘on line’.

Love from us both Sylvia & Tony

3rd April 2018   I have just released another new 'Tony Goodacre and Friends' various artistes compilation album for digital downloading and streaming through cdbaby.com and their many partner companies from around the world.  Entitled 'Cheatin' Lyin' Drinkin' Cryin', most but not all of the 27 tracks would qualify under this title.  Click on to the CDbaby.com link on the links page of my website in order to download or just hear 30 second audio clip from each song, and also underneath the full listing, there is more brief information about each song.  

29th October 2017  Although I may be a few weeks early, (my birthday is not until 3rd February), I have just added another new album on to my web page called
'80th Anniversary Compilation'.  This includes many recordings of some of my favourite covers of songs not previously available on line for download.  The thought was that if it were available in time for Christmas, some of you may want to download a song (or songs) as a present, either for yourself or for someone spcial.  And if you were wondering what to get me for my 80th Birthday (that only costs 99 cents or 99 pence), why not download a song from CDbaby.com, iTunes, Apple music or Amazon MP3?  You won't have to stand the postage cost of sending me a £1 coin (even an old one!)   Thanks in advance for all of you who do so.
     I have also added some more video clips on to my YouTube page.  As you will see on the 'LINKS' page of this website, there are now 67 different video clips that I have uploaded.

30th September 2017.  It's only now that I realised that I had not told you about a new CD album I released earlier in the year.  I was so busy getting Geoff Ashford's new album 'The Sylvantone Years'up and running, that I forgot to add my own new compilation album 'From the Desert to the Sea', which came out around April.  26 more songs for download, from 'Desert Blues' to 'Sail Away', (Desert to Sea - get it?) with visits to Australia for 'Redback on the Toilet Seat' and 'Blue Hawaii' on the way.  I have alsao included one track each from Jeannie Dee, Stu Page and Duncan Calcutt.
     I really came on to update this page with news of another new 26 track compilation, called 'Remembering' released today, named after a song sent to me by Mike Sammes back in 1984.  For full track listings for both these albums see my CD and DVD page.

Friday 18th August 2017  There are several more video clips to watch on YouTube, the most recent ones are usually listed at the top, but do scroll down on video manager to see them all (nearly 60 now).  For the first time, some video footage was filmed at the Whitby Gospel Music Convention in May, the first time any of my performances have been filmed (to my knowledge) since the show at the Princes Theatre Hunstanton in 2007 with George Hamilton IV.   I have included my versions of 'The Old Rugged Cross' and 'Say a Prayer for the Lonely Ones', singing to tracks rather than with my guitar, which I can no longer play.  (blame the side effects of my medication).
    Geoff Ashford's friend Steven Brett has uploaded some great clips of some of Geoff's songs taken from his album 'The Sylvantone Years' - well worth watching.
Any of the listed songs on YouTube that show 'Includes copyrighted content' plkease do watch these in particular.   Believe it or not, if you watch any of these clips for  about a minute, they will earn the songwriter and publisher about $US0.0008cents. in royalties!  (That's Geoff and me).  (So, for 100,000 'views' we earn US$80 (wow).  (Yes, that's a hundred thousand)
     However, if you link to the CDbaby.com page, every song downloaded earns us about 90 cents between us, and a full album download US$9.  Even if you just stream a song on Spotify or Apple Music etc, we do get around 0.001 cents per stream....and they do add up.


Sunday 7th May 2017   Here is a copy of the May 2017 newsletter.

     Welcome to our May newsletter, an update on what you read about in our Christmas 2016 newsletter, and our plans for the rest of the year ahead in 2017.  I have now copied our 2016 newsletter on to the ‘latest news’ page of my website,
www.tonygoodacre.com if you want to refresh your memory of what we told you about then.
     First of all, on behalf of Sylvia and myself, our thanks to so many of you for sending us Christmas and New Year greetings by card, e-mail e-cards and Facebook.  It’s always good to keep in touch with so many of our family and old friends, especially as we don’t travel too far away from home much these days.
     During the winter months, I have found myself busy, with plenty to do making more of my music available on line, but first of all, completing the new Geoff Ashford CD I told you about.
     This brief biography, which is printed on the album inlay card, tells you a bit more about Geoff’s early career.  Although in British country music circles, the name of GEOFF ASHFORD has been best known as the writer of many of Tony Goodacre’s most popular original recorded songs, Geoff has been working as a professional musician since the mid sixties. As part of various bands or as a solo act, he performed on the Star Palast circuit in Germany, spent a season on Cunard’s ship, the Q.E.11, worked for over a year at the prestigious Ritz Ballroom in Manchester and worked in most of the well known cabaret and nightclubs, Batley Variety Club, The Lakeside and Jolly’s Nightspot, to name just a few.     
       As a recording artiste he has held contracts with C.B.S, Decca, Warner Brothers, Sylvantone and many of the indie labels. In his capacity as a songwriter Geoff has had contracts with Shapiro Bernstein, April Music, A.T.V Music, E.M.I Music, Sony International and Sylvantone Music. During a five year period writing for I.L.M. Music, he wrote music for a low budget French speaking Canadian cartoon series which was later dubbed into English and featured heavily on the cartoon networks.
       It was Tony’s record producer, Bill Clarke, who introduced Geoff’s song writing talents to Tony in 1984. From the first batch of songs he received, Tony selected the song ‘Rags to Riches’ to enter into the prestigious ‘Isle of Wight International Song Writing Contest’. From over 1,000 entries, Geoff’s song won first prize as ‘Best Country Song’, and nearly all the country songs written by Geoff since then have been published by Tony’s music publishing company, Sylvantone Music. Geoff also worked with Tony as part of his trio and band on the road for several years. 
     Now on this album, released in February 2017, they team up again for a new Geoff Ashford album on Tony’s Sylvantone Records label. Not only are all the songs written by Geoff between 1984 and 2016 on ‘The Sylvantone Years’ sung by Geoff, but he also plays all the musical backing and sings harmony vocals, apart from studio guests Derek Thurlby (tracks 7,16 & 24) and Malcolm McMaster (track 2) on pedal steel guitar.
     There are some great songs, many of them never previously recorded.  The complete list of 24 songs is as follows, the new songs are in bold type1.I Do believe:  2.Run Back to Me:  3.Our Anniversary:  4.What’s Right Tonight:  5.King of the Rodeo:  6.Two Glasses of Loneliness:  7.Cotton Candy World:  8.The Door:  9.Atomic Wars:  10.The Artist:  11.Return of the Conquistador (instrumental):  12.Sidewsalks of Nashville:    13.Far Far Away:  14.We Were Right:  15.Little Brother:  16.Top of the List:  17.Little Joe:  18:Don’t Play Your Cheating Heart:  19.Boy to a Man:  20.Dancing on the Moon:  21.Say a Prayer for the Lonely Ones:  22.She Still Has my Picture:  23.My Name is Billy:  24.Rags to Riches.
     There is a direct link to ‘The Sylvantone Years’ CD from the ‘LINKS’ page of my website. May I ask you for your support by downloading just one track from the album, or even stream a few tracks if you already subscribe to Spotify, Apple music or similar websites.  On behalf of both Geoff and myself, thank you for your support.  You will find details of another new CD of mine which I have just finished.  Details for ‘From the Desert to the Sea’ can be found on my website
     Since the end of October last year, I have uploaded no less than 19 new video clips on to YouTube, all of them original songs published by Sylvantone Music.  These are the first additions I have made since January 2012, and some of the older ones were first uploaded as long ago as January 2010.  Last newsletter, I listed 16 of them, all with well over 1,000 views each, from 93,753 views for the duo with Sarah Jory playing ‘Highway 40 Blues’, with the next nearest being 5,576 for my version of ‘Welcome to my World’ filmed in Australia.
     The 17 new ones will have a way to go to reach any of these totals, but bearing in mind that they have only been available for a few months, you never know.  I always did like statistics, so here’s a few to begin with, showing the number of youtube views for each song, the date it was first uploaded
and the name of the songwriter – all published by Sylvantone Music, and sung by Tony unless otherwise shown.
1.     21/12/2016   467    You’ve made My Life Complete                Stewart Ross
2.    23/12/2016  130     The Edinburgh Song                               Geoff Ashford
3.    29/12/2016  129     Man in the Sky                                     Stewart Ross
4.    21/1/2017     117     Me or the Bottle (Jeannie Dee)               Geoff Ashford
5.    7/11/2016     107     Guernsey, I’ll Keep Coming Back               Tony Goodacre
6.    16/11/2016   84      My Music City Friends                           Tony Goodacre
7.    25/3/2017    67      Atomic Wars (Geoff Ashford)                Geoff Ashford
8.    13/1/2017     59      Mr. Country Music                                Terry McKenna
9.    9/4/2017      55      King of the Rodeo (Geoff Ashford) Geoff Ashford
10.  3/1/2017      51      Lights Across the Valley                        Geoff Ashford
11.   31/12/2016   50      Honeysuckle Dreaming (Stu Page)  Stu Page
12.  5/1/2017      49      Cotton Candy World                    Geoff Ashford
13.  25/2/2017    45      Our Anniversary (Geoff Ashford) Geoff Ashford
14.  26/2/2017    41      No Tomorrow for Yesterday’s Dreams     Stewart Ross
15.  25/3/2017    39      Return of the Conquistadors (Geoff Ashford instrumental)
16.  5/11/2016     35      The Railway Bridge at Crewe                  Tony Goodacre
17.  30/12/2016  29      Down in Waikiki                                    Geoff Ashford
18.  25/3/2017    26      Rags to Riches (Geoff Ashford)              Geoff Ashford
19.  19/1/2017     21      Nathan’s Reel  (Stu Page Instrumental)Stu Page
     Special mention should be made for the excellent videos originally posted by Geoff’s friend in the music business, Steven Brett.  Look out for how cleverly he incorporated the CD inlay photograph among the items being sold by the ‘King of the Rodeo’, and also on the post outside the bar on ‘Return of the Conquistadors’.
    There’ll be some statistics which I think may be of interest later in this newsletter, but for the moment, some sad news.
DOREEN READSHAW  Oak Tree Inn, Hutton Magna)
     Doreen’s daughter Sandra rang us to let us know the sad news that Doreen, former landlady of the Oak Tree Inn in the small village of Hutton Magna just off the A66 in Co. Durham, died at home on 20th April, aged 82.  I know many of you will remember the great nights held at the Oak Tree Inn (known as ‘The Potty Pub’) with her amazing collection of over 500 chamber pots hanging from hooks on the ceiling. 
     Doreen first booked me to sing at the Oak Tree on 5th May 1978, and booked me up to six times a year right up until October 1987.  Every time, the tiny one room pub was packed with around 60 people, enjoying not just my music, but also Doreen’s amazing supper included in the admission price.
     By then, she was planning to move back to New Zealand, where she had lived before in 1970.  The amazing co-incidence was that I had already arranged my 3 month long ‘Round the World’ tour, which included four weeks New Zealand.  Not only did Doreen & Michael arrange all the sightseeing we did from one end of North Island to the southernmost point of South Island, Cape Reinga to Bluff Point, but also joined us in our car to all the bookings we did.  Those of you with a copy of my 50th Anniversary Souvenir Book will have read the day to day details of the full tour.  When she moved to New Zealand, she ran a camping site in Orewa, just north of Auckland, but when we returned to New Zealand for some shows in 2001, she was running the Stratford Holiday Park close to Mount Egmont, where we also stayed.
 Every year, she and Michael would return to Britain for a couple of months in summer (the New Zealand winter), and would surprise us by coming to hear me at my bookings all over the country, using the date list in my Fan Club newsletter.   Sylvia and I would arrive at a venue early to unload all the equipment, and we’d then spot her camper van in the car park.  ‘Doreen’s back’ we would say to each other.  So many great memories.
     We were able to attend the funeral on Friday 5th May, and meet up with many members of Doreen’s family we had not met before, plus a few people who remembered hearing me sing, even if it was nearly 30 years ago!  The service was held at St. Andrew’s church in Winston, not far away from Hutton Magna, where the burial was held in the local churchyard, just next door to the Oak Tree Inn - how appropriate for Doreen’s final resting place.  We then moved on to The Brownlow Arms, Caldwell for refreshments – and yet another fond memory and coincidence.  After announcing my ‘retirement’ from full time life ‘on the road’, Doreen  arranged one last concert for me at the same venue in Caldwell in 2009, and I know several of you attended this great night.  Although Michael felt unwell that evening, little did we know then that I was soon asked to sing at Michael’s funeral on 26th September 2009.
     We did see Doreen a couple of times since then when she visited us at home, and attended one of Denis Collier’s weekends in Blackpool where I was singing, but we hadn’t heard from her for two or three years.  We didn’t know she had been ill, and attended hospital for several months for three times a week dialysis.
     I hope you don’t mind me using up so much space in this newsletter, but I know many of you will remember Doreen, and the wonderful memories we all have of some great times.
      Sylvia and I are looking forward to a couple of short ‘staycation’ holiday breaks in self- catering cottages – we much prefer them to hotels.  In June, to mark Sylvia’s 75th birthday, we are spending a week near Ruthin in North Wales, from where we hope to visit Snowdonia, Llandudno and Chester.  Then at the end of September, we are having a week in East Yorkshire, visiting Hull (U.K’s city of Culture this year), and parts of the East Coast we have not been to.  We might even drive over the Humber Bridge and re-visit Cleethorpes.  We were pleasantly surprised when we visited Cleethorpes for the first time last year from our lodge in Lincolnshire.
     As we are both keen ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ viewers, we went to see Joanna Clifton in ‘Thoroughly Modern Millie’ at the Grand Theatre in Leeds. We knew she could dance, but she was also excellent at singing and acting, and the whole production had some great comedy moments.  We stayed overnight, which gave us a chance to look round some of the new shopping malls in the city centre.  The newest, with a brand new John Lewis store, was nearly all shops for designer labels, like an extension to the Victoria Quarter arcades.  You may be surprised to know I visited this area for many years…… not for the shopping, but when I lived in Leeds, my dentist was upstairs in one of the shopping arcades!.  We did, however, do some shopping before driving home, at the Costco wholesale warehouse, stocking up on some household necessities.
     Mention of ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ we have also booked to see Kevin & Karen Clifton in their own full dance show at the Sage in Gateshead in June, but at the time of writing this,
their whole tour may have to be postponed because at the moment, according to a press release, Kevin can’t even walk, let alone dance.  We’ll just have to wait and see.
     On Friday evening, 19th May, I will be singing a few songs, and then introduce the following acts (not in running order): The Gospel Heirs, Bill Dunn, Paul Wheater, Samuel Purdy, The Amen Gospel Praise Band, The Ayrton Family Gospel Group, The North Ness Boys, Nell Hire & Loirraine.
     On Saturday morning 20th May, Samuel Purdy will lead a ‘Praise and Testimony concert, with Roger Carswell as a guest speaker.
     On the Saturday afternoon, this will be a country music concert rather than all gospel)featuring The North Ness Boys, Paul Wheater and myself
     I will again be singing and compering on the Saturday evening concert, featuring all the acts listed above,  except Paul Wheater and Samuel Purdy (who will lead a ‘gospel sing-a-long before the concert starts).
     Sunday afternoon 21st May, advertised as ‘Matinee Mix of Gospel, Country & Folk, this will feature the Stockton Citadel Salvation Army Band, Veronica & Friends and Samuel Purdy, with speaker Roger Carswell.
     Sunday evening, apart from The Ayrton Family Gospel Group, I will compere the concert which features everyone else listed for the Friday evening show.
     PAUL WHEATER   Something you may not know, but Paul is an age group record holder in British Masters Heavy Athletics.  So, if you are in Whitby on the Friday morning, go along to support Paul, where on the beach, he will ‘THROW A MILE’ for charity.  Yes, he will throw an athletics hammer a full mile, raising funds for the British Heart Foundation and St. Catherine’s Hospice.   Paul’s late wife Jill, who did so much to help Paul set up and run the Gospel Music Convention for many years, died from an incurable heart condition, and was so well looked after at St. Catherine’s Hospice.  Then, on the Friday afternoon before the sound checks for the evening concert, Paul will give a FREE concert, between 2.00pm and 3.30pm, singing a mixture of country, gospel and popular favourites.
     Starting times:  Friday, Saturday and Sunday evenings – doors 6.00pm for 6.45pm start.
Saturday and Sunday afternoons:  doors 2.00pm for 2.30pm start.
Saturday morning:  doors 10.20am for 10.30am start.
Prices:  Full weekend £49.  Friday evening £18.  Saturday morn. £6.  Saturday afternoon £9
Saturday evening £23.  All day Saturday £32. Sunday evening FREE (a voluntary offering will be taken).  Everyone’s generosity last May, ensured that this year’s event is taking place.
SATURDAY 7TH OCTOBER 2017. Make a note of the date in your diary.  Instead of a ‘Winter Warmer’ Paul has arranged a ‘Late Summer Special. - A one day event, to be held in the Pavilion Theatre, a smaller 350 capacity theatre, next door to the 1,000 seater Pavilion in which he holds the main event.  I will be there as usual, but the final line-up of other artistes has not yet been announced.  Keep an eye on either Paul’s website on mine a bit nearer the time.
     Thanks to CDbaby, I now receive statistics direct from Spotify and Apple for the number of streams rather than wait two or three months for the accounting information to be shown.  I find it interesting to see which are the most popular tracks which have been streamed, either over a 7day period, 1 month or 3 months.
For example, for the month of February, the top ten songs from Spotify were:  1.The Old Rugged Cross,  2.Three Wooden Crosses,  3.Run Back to Me (Geoff Ashford),  4.It’sAlmost Tomorrow, 
5.Falling Apart at the Seams (Jeannie Dee),  6.Canadian Pacific,  7.Sarnia Cherie,  8.Man in the Sky,  9.Our Anniversary (Geoff Ashford),  10.Honeysuckle Dreaming (Stu Page).
     If we then look at Spotify streams for 90 day period ending 28th April, four songs from my own new album enter the list, with the top ten now being 1.Three Wooden Crosses,  2.The Old Rugged Cross,  3.Funny Face,  4.Redback on the Toilet Seat,  5.Canadian Pacific,  6.It’s Almost Tomorrow,  7.Sarnie Cherie,  8.A World of our Own,  9.Texas Music (Stu Page), 10.Skiffle Medley.
     Interestingly, for the same 90 day period ending 28th April for Apple Music, the top 10 were 1.Sarnia Cherie,  2.The Old Rugged Cross,  3.All That Thrills my Soul is Jesus, 4.Three Wooden Crosses, 5.Wings of a Dove,  6.No Such Place as Heaven (from The Old Rugged Cross album),  7.The Year Clayton Delaney Died,  8.No Such Place as Heaven (from The Country Side of Britain album), 9.Why Me Lord,  10.Don’t Play me no Love Songs. – far more songs from my Gospel album released in November 2016.
     It’s only when you look at the locations in the world where most of the Spotify streams came from, that it gets really interesting.  In order of the number of streams, 1.U.S.A.  2.U.K.  3.Spain, 4.Australia,  5.New Zealand,  6.Malta,  7.Sweden,  8.Canada,  9.Turkey,  10.Netherlands,  11.Czech Republic,  12.Mexico,  13.Poland,  14.Norway,  15.Brazil,  16.Germany,  17.Phillipines,  18.Finland,  19.Iceland, 20.Argentina,  21.Portugal, 22.Chile,  23.France,  24.Belgium,  25.Italy,  26.Austria.
     Apple Music streams came from only 9 different countries.  1.U.S.A., 
2.Netherlands,  3.U.K.,  4.Canada,  5.Australia,  6.Ireland,  7.India,  8.Fiji,  9.Malaysia.
     Spotify even supply the age group of those who stream my music.  The highest percentage are those between the ages of 45 and 59, followed almost equally by those over 60 and between 35 and 44.  I have a few followers between the ages of 0 and 17, but hardly any between 18 and 22. No surprise there then.  60% are male, 40% female.
     One conclusion for all this…..I really should have toured the countries in Africa – not a single stream from a whole continent.  Do any of you have any friends or relatives living anywhere in Africa who might like to stream or download one of the songs on Sylvantone Records?  It could earn me $USA0.003 – yes, a fraction of a cent, but it could work wonders for my statistics!
FAMILY NEWS.  Just a few lines for a few items of family news.  Apart from Ben & Katie, we don’t see too much of the grandchildren these days. Ben continues to enjoy working at sites all over the country for his Dad Kevin’s company BMM Heaters whilst also attending a college course for his apprenticeship.  Katie starts a course at Middlesborough University in September with a view to becoming a teacher for younger children.  We don’t travel too far, and they are all so busy now they are growing up.  Grandson Callan has been working as a fitness instructor on the huge luxury cruise liner ‘Oasis of the Seas’ cruising round the Carribean for about the last six months.  Shannan is working as a personal trainer and fitness advisor at Potters Holiday village in Norfolk, and her partner Dave is working successfully at another holiday village nearby, in charge of caravan and chalet sales.  His success earned him a free holiday with a few days on safari in South Africa.  Marion is busy studying for more of her ‘A’ levels which she is due to take in June.  She already passed her A levels in Music with a double AA star with distinction in Music, and has been accepted for a BA degree course in Performing Arts and Music at the Academy of Contemporary Music in London (ACM)
She just needs a B pass in one of her A levels to enable her to qualify to become a teacher in Music and Professional performance.  Liam, who will be 18 later this month, is at college in Cambridge studying Business Studies.  His Dad John continues to be very busy, getting Kaleao off the ground, promoting ARM and lecturing at Manchester University.  He now has an office in Cambridge University as well.  Sylvia & Will are really busy at the farm, still lambing with about 60 still to lamb, the two foals are now yearlings, and there is another foal due soon.  They now have three calves, with another one due any day now, but now only have two pigs.  Next, it will be time to get the crops in.
The next newsletter will be in December.  Thanks for all your support, love from Sylvia & Tony XX

Wednesday 12th April, 2017.  Since February, I have uploaded many more video clips on to YouTube, including several songs from the new Geoff Ashford album 'The Sylvantone Years'.   I have also finished another compilation album 'From the Desert to the Sea', which is available for download and streaming from most of your favourite sites.

Wednesday 22nd February 2017.  Video clips of 'Me or the Bottle' sung by the Jeannnie Dee Trio and 'No Tomorrow for Yesterday's Dreams', sung by me, solo at the Parkes Country Music Jamboree in Australia, 1990.  I have also released the new Geoff Ashford album 'The Sylvantone Years' featuring 24 songs written and performed by Geoff.

Thursday 26th January 2017.  Three more video clips added to my YouTube link.  My signature tune 'Mr Country Music' 'Nathan's Reel' a guitar instrumental from Stu Page and ''Me or the Bottle' from Jeannie Dee.  That now make a total of 51 different video clips that I've posted, so I'll take a break now and do some more in a couple of months time.

Sunday 8th January 2017.  Before getting involved with helping Geoff Ashford's get his new album on line, (see page 2 of the Christmas newsletter below for details), I thought I would spend a bit of time getting some more of the original music in the Sylvantone catalogue on to YouTube.   So, although all the songs are available through CDbaby for Digital download, by using the same original studio recordings instead of video clips of live 'on stage' performances,and then adding a mixture of suitable photographs and occasional video clips, anyone can now hear the full recorded versions of the songs.   As they are then treated as a  'stream', both the songwriter and the music publisher will get an additional 'click' on the royalty computer.
Since 'You've made My Life Complete' was added, I have now added 'Man in the Sky', 'Down in Waikiki', 'Honeysuckle Dreaming' by Stu Page, 'Lights Across the Valley' and 'Cotton Candy World'.  Remember, it costs you nothing to listen, and we might get a fraction of a fraction of a cent each time you listen.  So, by all means forward them to you own circle of family and friends if you wish. 
And if you are a performer looking for original songs to perform on stage or record, these are just a few of the original songs that are available for you to consider.

Wednesday 21st December 2016.  I have just posted another video clip on to YouTube.  This time, it's the studio recorded version of 'You.ve Made My Life Complete', which I always dedicated to my wife Sylvia whenever I sang it on stage.  For this video clip, I have featured some of our favourite photographs taken together (and one or two Sylvia wasn't really keen on, but realised I could'nt check them all without her knowledge without spoiling the surprise.), but she did like the whole idea of an early Chritmas present 'on line' - and one you can all share.

WELCOME     To all of you receiving this newsletter, we wish you warm blessings for Christmas, and Good Health and Happiness  for the New Year.  For those of you who are receiving this by post, the first thing you will notice is that I am using a clearer and bigger font size .  I tried fitting all the news on to two pages as usual, but once I had printed it out, I must admit it was difficult to read.  I have also spaced it out between paragraphs  so I hope you find it much easier to read.  I know you can increase the size on your computer if receiving the e-mail attachment, but for all of you, I hope you enjoy reading all about our latest news.  
As long as my e-mail address system worked, all of you should have received our May 2016 newsletter, so I won’t repeat the news I told you about then.  However, if you missed it, you will find the whole of the May newsletter posted on the ‘LATEST NEWS’ page of my website
www.tonygoodacre.com and I will also be adding this and future newsletters on to the website for all to read.  After all, I want to spread the latest news about all my latest albums, and video clips on You Tube.
NEW GOSPEL COMPILATION ALBUM.  I compiled a new album, with ‘The Old Rugged Cross’ as the title track, including 18 of the most popular songs I sing at Paul Wheater’s Gospel Music Convention.  I attach full details of songs on this album, along with all the other albums I currently have available for download or streaming on websites like cdbaby.com, iTunes, Apple, Spotify, Rhapsody, Deezer, Amazonmp3, and many more.  If you do not subscribe to any of these companies, the best way to find my albums is to go on to my website, click on the ‘LINKS’ page, then click on the link to cdbaby.com   Click on ‘more albums by this artiste’ under the sleeve photo shown, and you should then find a total of 8 albums, 7 of mine and a various artistes ‘Sylvantone’ album.  You will be able to hear a short 30 second audio clip for each individual song on each album, and if you are tempted, buy or download a song, songs or a full album.  You support is always appreciated.  The CDbaby website prices are shown in American dollars, $0,99c (or $0.79c on ‘Your Choice’), and it will converted to £ sterling on your payment.
EIGHT DIFFERENT COMPILATION ALBUMS NOW AVAILABLE FOR DIGITAL DOWNLOAD.   As owner of the recording, I do get a small amount for each download, around 60pence for each track, and £0.003 pence (less than a penny) for each stream, but they do add up.  The songwriter will also receive a small amount, but would need over 1,000 streams to click on the royalties computer.  You know I always did like statistics, and on streams alone (not including downloads), amounts of between £15 and less than £1per song have been received since ‘The Country Side of Britain’ was made available for download early in 2011.  ‘Your Choice’ has only recently been added, although payments I received from Arran Records did show ‘Grandma’s Feather Bed’ and ‘The Streets of London’ of around 1,000 streams on Spotify alone.  The top six tracks for which statistics are available.  ‘The Old Rugged Cross’ has only recently become available, and no statistics are currently available. 
The Country Side of Britain.  1.Guernsey I’ll Keep Coming Back to You.  2.Mr Country Music.  3.You Gotta Be the Best. 4.Rags to Riches.  5.Bird on the Wing. 6.Top of the List.
More Songs from the Geoff Ashford Songbook. 1.Love is Just Like Fishing.  2.My Name is Billy. 3.Don’t Play me no Love Songs. 4.Leave a Light. 5.Cotton Candy World. 6.Goodnight Kisses.
Sylvantone Souvenirs Volume 3. 1.Honeysuckle Dreaming (Stu Page). 2.Radio Nights (Stu Page). 3.Falling Apart at the Seams (Jeannie Dee). 4.My Music City Friends (Tony Goodacre). 5.The Railway Bridge at Crewe (Tony Goodacre) 6.One of a Kind (Duncan Calcutt).
Country Music is my Life.  1.When We First Fell in Love. 2.Song of the River. 3.You’ve Made My Life Complete. 4.The Edinburgh Song. 5.Country Music is my Life. 6.I Pretend that I’m Loving You.
26 More Favourites to Download. 1.Red Roses for a Blue Lady. 2.Mississippi  Fireball. 3.I Wonder Who’s Kissing Her Now. 4.Rockin’ Rollin’ Ocean. 5.Help me Make it Through the Night. 6.Californian Cottonfields.
Your Choice.  1.Grandma’s Feather Bed. 2.Written in Britain. 3.Ballad of the Grand Ol’ Opry. 4.The Streets of London. 5.A World of Our Own. 6.Ten Guitars.
THREE NEW VIDEO CLIPS RECENTLY ADDED TO YOUTUBE    Let’s move on now to video clips on YouTube.  Again, to make sure you reach the videos I have uploaded or approved, go to my website links page, and click on the YouTube link.   There are now 41 different clips, all taken from my various double DVDs, which are all still available to buy.  Some of the clips were uploaded about 6 years ago, but over the last few weeks, I have uploaded three different clips, mainly using photographs taken before we had a video camera. 
For steam railway enthusiasts, watch ‘The Railway Bridge at Crewe’.  For those of you who may have visited or seen me at Strawberry Farm, share our memories of Guernsey as I sing ‘Guernsey I’ll Keep Coming Back to You’.  Finally, some memories of my visits to Nashville in the 1970’s (and in 1988), listen to ‘My Music City Friends’, all three songs among the few that I have written myself.
        Go to my ‘Home Page’, and you should then see these three clips first, but after watching one of them, and you want to see all of my other 40 clips to choose from, you will probably have to press the ‘Back’ button (usually top left corner in blue) and click again on ‘HOME’, otherwise you may start to hear some other videos automatically that YouTube THINK I might be interested in.  I very rarely, if ever, watch any of them, but I’ve not yet found a way to get rid of them.  There’s no doubt that the clips I uploaded from my ‘Award Winning Performance’ DVD as a duo featuring Sarah Jory has proved very popular with steel guitarists all over the world, with 85,222 views for ‘Highway 40 Blues’ at the time of writing, with the next most popular ‘Welcome to My World’ sung by me in Australia with 5,233.  No less than 16 of the titles have had over 1,000 views each, more statistics which I thought you may find of interest.
YOUTUBE VIDEO CLIPS  WITH OVER 1,000 VIEW EACH.  1.Highway 40 Blues. 2.Welcome to My World. 3.Georgia (Stu Page), 4.Mr.Ting a Ling. 5.Sticky Fingers. 6.Rock Island Line. 7.China Doll. 8.Hank Snow Interview. 9.I Don’t Hurt Any More. 10.Skiffle Medley. 11.Before I Met You. 12.Boxcar Willie Interview. 13.Hillbilly Boogiemen Medley. 14.Blue Tahitian Moon (Arthur Layfield). 15.The Three Bells. 16.You’ve Made My Life Complete.
NEW GEOFF ASHFORD ALBUM PLANNED FOR EARLY 2017.   So much for my own recordings and DVD’s   Now on to news of a new album I am working on, for release early in 2017.  This time, it’s not a new album from me.  I think over 40 different CDs is enough to be going on with for now!   I recently received an e-mail from Geoff Ashford suggesting that we make a compilation album of some of Geoff own songs he had written and were published by my own publishing company Sylvantone Music between 1984 and 2016, split between some of the older songs some of which I had recorded myself, and some brand new songs.  Not only would Geoff sing all the songs, including the older ones, but he would also play all the musical backing and sing the all the harmonies.
     The album, to be titled ‘The Sylvantone Years’, would be released on the Sylvantone Records label, and would also be available as a digital download and for streaming.  Copies would be sent to several local radio stations that feature country music, and as a ‘taster, a short 54 second long ‘Christmas Jingle’ called ‘Merry Christmas One and All’ will be sent out to them before Christmas, and would also include two of the brand new songs, @I Do Believe’ and ‘Christmas Day’  Why not write in or phone your local country music presenter requesting a Geoff Ashford song.  If they haven’t received the Jingle yet, they should already have his award winning song ‘Rags to Riches’ sung either by Geoff or by me. Thanks again in anticipation of your support.
SUMMER HOLIDAYS.   We also usually tell you about our summer holidays, and this year we returned to the cottage with a hot tub in Market Rasen, Lincolnshire for a week.  This time, we visited Lincoln Cathedral and Castle with guided tours round both, took a trip on the river, and an open top bus city tour – the best way to see the city for a couple like us with mobility problems.  It was also nice to be able to visit Sylvia’s Auntie Margaret (aged 90) in Retford, and former fan club member Elsie King (aged 94), now happily living in a home in Navenby near Lincoln.  We used to stay with her and her late husband Frank when we were on tour many years ago, and I was also asked to sing at her 90th birthday party.  We also met up with grand-daughter Shannan and her partner Dave in Horncastle.  They now live in Norfolk, working at different holiday parks, near Great Yarmouth, although they have kept on their house in Skegness.  The weather was really good for us once again, with only one half day of rain, and that was the day we visited Margaret and Elsie.
We also were very lucky with the weather when we took a week’s holiday in a self catering bungalow in Ribchester, East Lancashire in the Ribble Valley.  Why Ribchester, you may ask?  Well, it had been about four years since we had seen Brian Hayes, who ran my fan club for over 30 years.  He had not been too well in recent years,  so rather than stay a couple of nights in a nearby hotel, we always preferred self catering, so decided to stay a week, and do some sightseeing.  And what a busy week we had.  On the Sunday, Brian and Geoff joined us for a meal in the bungalow, and we spent a lovely day sitting in the sun and chatting over old times spent together, from Wembley weekends to Holland, clubs and festivals all over Britain, often staying in Brian’s caravan.  During the week, we also visited the Safari Zoo, Lindal in Furness – a fantastic small Zoo, walking with many of the animals, including a ‘walk through’ aviary with about 20 vultures.
Next day a trip on the Haverthwaite and Lakeside steam railway, followed by a cruise on Lake Windermere to Bowness, where we had a nice meal. After visiting Myerscough College Gardens, we went on to Blackpool to see the Illuminations for the first time in many years.  Sylvia had her big mobility scooter with her, and I was able to walk (with my stick) quite well, so we didn’t miss much.  Thursday, the weather forecast was not good, so we did some shopping at the nearby Boundary Mills store, and then made a mistake in thinking the Costco Warehouse in Oldham wasn’t too far away.  Well, it wasn’t far in miles, but the roadworks and traffic jams on the motorways around Manchester made it a nightmare journey, and although we did buy what we needed, I don’t think I’ll be driving anywhere near Manchester until the roadworks are complete.  On the Friday, we visited Brockholes Country Park near Preston, making it a very full and most enjoyable week.  We may well return in the future to Ribchester, but will avoid Manchester next time.
WHITBY GOSPEL MUSIC CONVENTION.   Now for details of my ‘2 gigs per year’, the annual 3 day Whitby Gospel Music Convention (May 20th,21,22nd in 2016 and the ‘Winter Warmer’ on November 12th.  The May event was superb, with the biggest attendances for several years.  This ensured the continuation of 18th great annual event for  next year, when it will be held over the weekend of May 19th, 20th and 21st, 2017.    Make a note of the dates in your diaries now, and you will find details of acts appearing, prices and times on the Paul Wheater’s website, click on ‘Whitby Gospel Music Convention’.  Once again, I will be compering and will also sing sometime on all three days.  Unfortunately, the November event was well down on numbers, even though it was a great line-up.  As always, Alastair McDonald was superb (he sang my request ‘Skull the Cat’ – you can hear it on his website), and I thought Stan Gee’s group ‘The New Prairie Home Companions’ were really good. I’d know Stan for many years, but had never heard his four piece group before.  I don’t think they travel far outside the North East, but they are well worth going to see.
HEALTH UPDATE.  As usual, we like to give you an up to date health bulletin for both of us.  I’m pleased to say my myeloma cancer is still in remission, and has been for 30 months now since starting the maintenance progam on lenalidomide.  I still attend the hospital every 28 days to take blood tests, but all readings including paraprotein, liver and kidney are fine.  I did have a chest infection, and could hardly stop coughing for several weeks in October and early November.  I had an X-ray and CT scan, but they proved it wasn’t pneumonia, and both my heart and lungs were fine.  So with heart, lungs, liver and kidney all fine, I will put up with being a bit wobbly on my feet and aching legs, and numb fingertips which limit my guitar playing among other inconveniences.  I’m happy to be feeling as well as I am.
     As we mentioned in the May newsletter, Sylvia had a couple of bad angina attacks earlier in the year, so she had a few hospital visits to the Chest Pain Clinic, and had an Endoscopy.   She finally got a letter dated 25th October to say that there was no evidence of ‘inducible ischaemia’ (to quote the doctor’s report), and any symptoms should be regarded as non-cardiac.  We already know that there is never likely to be any change in her mobility problems caused by her vascular disease, but between us, we manage reasonably well and can’t complain.  We have a lovely lady, Louise, who comes in to clean for us, and Anthony, a friend from church helps with any major gardening tasks, although I can still cut the lawns, using the lawnmower as my ‘walking frame’.  Thanks for all your prayers and good wishes – we know they help us.
WE REALLY MUST START TO DE-CLUTTER.  Even though we both feel that we are going to live for many more years, most of us, when we reach a certain age, begin to think ‘what’s going to happen to all this ‘stuff’ when we are no longer here.  When I was on the road, singing nearly every night, sales of my CDs (and vinyl before that), were always good, and I sold tens of thousands at my shows over the years.  Now, although I still sell a few items from time to time on line through my website and some of my gospel albums at Whitby, most of my sales are now digital downloads on line.  So, as I look round all the CDs I have in stock on the shelves in my office, I thought some of you might be tempted to treat yourselves or some of your friends to some of my music on CD.  I know ‘Black Friday’ has come and gone, but to all of you, family and friends, who receive this newsletter, choose any two selected from any of the 42 albums listed on my website, including all the new ones, for just £12 sent post free in the U.K.  For your own personalised selection box, I still have just a few boxes which hold 12 CDs, so you can select any 12 CDs for just £60, sent post free, but not including my souvenir book, as I have so very few books left. You can pay by cheque, payable to A.Goodacre and sent to my home address 11 Saunton Avenue, REDCAR TS10 2RL.  If paying by PayPal, I’ll need your delivery address.  Thank you once again for your continued support.


COUNTRY MUSIC PEOPLE MAGAZINE.  Although I am not quite ready to de-clutter my magazines just yet, after all I’ve already paid for my 2017 subscription and the CMP binder to put them in, but it is something I am considering next year.   I am sure I am not the only person to have them all, but I do have every single copy of COUNTRY MUSIC PEOPLE, Britain’s leading country music magazine.  Sorry I didn’t keep copies of Opry Magazine which preceeded CMP, but for 47 years, I have meticulously filed my CMP magazines in binders, so that every magazine is in almost mint condition.   In recent years, I would see adverts in the magazine placed by people wanting to sell copies of magazines from earlier years, but I never did see anyone wanting to sell the complete selection from year one. 
It’s hard to know what sort of price to ask, as the current price of the new binders alone is £12 including P & P, although of course the earlier binders cost less than that.  I think to begin with ‘any sensible offer’ would enable me to think about it.  But if any of you might be interested, please let me know. 
DAYS AND NIGHTS OUT.  I have mentioned before, we don’t tend to go out too much on an evening.  If we go out for a meal, it’s usually at lunchtime, and with a pub/restaurant (recently becoming a ‘Hungry Horse’), The Wheatlands Farm is open all day for good food, and is about three minutes’ walk from home. On nice days, with Sylvia on her big mobility scooter, we often visit the seafront in Redcar, a short walk away, and local parks in Redcar, Middlesbrough, Stockton and Darlington. 
However, having enjoyed seeing Cathryn Craig & Brian Willoughby in April, we returned to the Cutty Wren Folk Club in Redcar to see The Hayley Sisters with Brian Smith on guitar in June.  Again it was a superb evening, confirming to us that Joanne and Becky’s harmonies are good as anything else, British or American, on the scene today.  We had also planned to see Carole Gordon’s ‘Forever in Blue Jeans’ show at a theatre in Northumberland early in September, but unfortunately Carole contacted us to let us know that she had to pull out of the show because of poor advance ticket sales.
We also hoped to go to an Andre Rieu concert in either Newcastle or Leeds, but even though I tried to book tickets within days of them going on sale, there were no disabled wheelchair spaces left at either venue.  So instead, on November 19th, we saw his concert at our local Showcase Cinema, a concert filmed exclusively for cinemas around the world, and we did enjoy it.
FAMILY NEWS.   As those of you who receive Sylvia’s Facebook posts, you will have seen a picture of her sitting on and driving an industrial cleaner recently.  Kevin recently bought a bigger factory for their business, BMM Heaters.  They had outgrown their previous rented premises in Middlesbrough.  So, for nearly three days, Sylvia ‘enjoyed’ herself driving up and down the factory floor, whilst others had to use more energy doing other much needed work.  And no, I wasn’t able to help much – I could have caused more problems than help, with my ‘DIY’ skills.  Lesa has just completed a training course, and will soon be qualified to teach body contact.
     John is still very busy, with three jobs.  As well as his position with ARM at one of Britain’s most successful companies, recently taken over by a major Japanese group amid a lot of media publicity, he continues to work as a senior lecturer at Manchester University.  Last year, I mentioned a new company he had helped set up called Kaleao, and promised to let you know more about it.  I won’t even try, but any of you, just inquisitive or ‘techies’, go on to their website,
www.kaleao.com and you will see the words Innovative Hyperconverged Infrastructure.  O.K. if you are still with me, click on ‘about company’, scroll down and you’ll find ‘management team’, and you’ll come across John’s face looking at you.  Click on that, and you get a brief biography.  After that, the website gets a bit too technical for me.  Happy browsing!   
     I seem to have run out of space, so the rest of the family news will have to be brief.  We did see Adyn, who came with John to see us during October half term, but the rest of the Cambridge branch of the family stayed with their mother.   Katie left school, started at college, and is now driving her own car.  Ben continues to work for his Dad’s company BMMHeaters, and is often away working on sites all over the country.  Marion got wonderful exam results when she left school, particularly in music and singing.   Sylvia and Will on the farm are busy as usual, and welcomed two new baby foals during the year, both doing well, one of which Sylvia showed successfully at the Great Yorkshire show in Harrogate.
      Finally, once again on behalf of Sylvia and myself, and all our extended family, we wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Peaceful and Happy New Year.   Love from Sylvia & Tony xx  

Thursday 2nd November 2016. I've spent the last few days compiling and uploading two new video clips to 'YouTube,  using the original recordings of two of my own compositions, 'The Railway Bridge at Crewe' and 'Guernsey I'll Keep Coming Back to You'.  The first clip is taken from my 'The Tony Goodacre Story' double DVD featuring some of the footage of preserved steam locomotives.  As I haven't visited Guernsey since the early 1980's I've used some of the photographs taken during my vssinging visits there between 1980 and 1984, this was before we bought our first video camera.  If you haven;t heard these songs recently, just go to the LINKS page of this website, click on the 'YouTube link, and you should see all my video clips.  There's over 40 different ones now to choose from.
Thursday 27th October 2016.  I will again be singing and copmpering Paul Wheater's one day  'Winter Warmer' event at Whitby Pavilion on Saturday 12th November, 2016.  The afternoon concert, starting at 2.0pm, will be a country music and folk concert featuring myself, Paul Wheater, Stan Gee's 4 piece group the 'New Prairie Home Companions' and Alastair MccDonald.  This is a rare chance to hear me sing some of the old country music classics.   Paul will no doubt feature Jim Reeves songs in his programme, Alastair is so versatile (look at his website) you can expect anything, and Stan and his group of singers and multi-instrumentalist will specialise isnthe 'old time' country songs.  
All four of the afternoon acts will also sing on the evening gospel concert, doors open 6.0pm for a start at 6.30pm prompt, which will also feature The Sunbeam Singers a 4 piece family harmony group originally from India featuring Colet's amazing bass voice, The Ayrton Family Band, Crystal Clear a three part hamony trio from Scotland,  Samuel Purdy, and Veronica & Friends Reignited.

Thursday 27th October 2016.  When I prepare our Christmas newsletter next month, I plan to add it to this page so that anyone can keep up to date with our news, even if they are not on our e-mail list.  Therefore, for those who may want to 'catch up' below is a copy of the newsletter sent out in May, earlier this year.

SYLVIA & TONY’S NEWSLETTER – MAY 2016      Welcome to our May newsletter, updating our latest news in more detail than some of you may have read from time to time on Sylvia’s Facebook page.  A special welcome to many of you who may be receiving our newsletter for the first time, following the ‘sorting out’ of my e-mail address book earlier this year.         Our newsletters started way back in September 1975, when Pete & Bette Sewell from Essex started the ‘Tony Goodacre Fan Club’, detailing all my bookings every two months, together with news of my latest recordings.  At that time, it wasn’t unusual for me to have anything between 25 and 30 different singing engagement every month, and membership numbers soon increased to nearly 500 by the time Brian Hayes, along with Geoff Baxendale, who looked after the accounts, took over the running of the fan club in August 1979 when the workload became too much for Pete and Bette. This, they continued to do for over 30 years, until I announced my retirement from full time ‘life on the road’ in 2010.  Sylvia and I then continued to send out newsletters with our Christmas cards until the postal rates increased twice in quick succession, making it very expensive to continue.  With a few exceptions for long-time friends and family who just don’t have access to a computer, we now attach the newsletters to e-mails twice a year to all our contacts who wants to receive them.    Also attached with this newsletter to my e-mail, are the details of this year’s Annual Whitby Gospel Music Convention, organised by Paul Wheater, which this year reaches the 17th year.  I have been involved with helping Paul since 2011, compering nearly all the concerts, as well as singing a few songs on each show.  This year sees another great line-up, and as several of the acts have their own websites, you might like to look them up on line for details and YouTube clips. I will be singing on all three of the evening shows which start at 6.45pm (I’m usually on early, and then continue with my compering duties. so get there early if you want to hear my contributions).  I will also look forward to compering the Saturday afternoon concert, who along with Live Issue, a five-piece country gospel group from Northern Ireland and The Gospel Heirs, a Gospel Harmony Trio from Scotland, this concert features the only singing appearances of Paul Wheater himself (who spends all weekend being available as the perfect festival host), and Alastair McDonald, a world class entertainer from Scotland, who was such a big hit at last November’s ‘Winter Warmer’ event.  So, make a note of the dates, Friday Saturday and Sunday, May 20th, 21st and 22nd, 2016.  If you can, get your tickets in advance to avoid queueing on the day, but tickets are usually available on the door for all shows.  Sylvia and I look forward to seeing some of you there.      I am often asked what I do to fill in my spare time, now that I am no longer driving all over Britain to sing.  The first answer to that is that I can now relax more, without the pressure of having to be somewhere else.  If it’s a nice day, Sylvia and I can go out, visiting local parks and attractions.  I’m certainly not as mobile as I used to be, but can still walk reasonably well with my walking stick, and Sylvia has her new mobility scooter which she really enjoys.  But what has kept me really busy over the last three months is putting more of my music on line for digital download or streaming through sites like CDbaby, iTunes, Amazon MP3, Spotify and Rhapsody etc.      For two or three years now, four of my CD albums, ‘The Country Side of Britain’, ‘More Songs from the Geoff Ashford Songbook’, ‘Country Music is my Life’ and a mixed artiste album ‘Sylvantone Singers and Songwriters’ by Tony Goodacre & Friends, have been available on line.  All the songs on these albums are originals, published by my own company Sylvantone Music.  But now I am able to make available all my recordings, including covers, for digital download only.   Acts looking for original songs to perform or record, take a listen to these. I made a start in February with an album called ’26 More Favourites to Download’.  Shortly after that, I was able to amicably resolve the problem of three of my early albums, recorded in 1974,1975 and 1977, which had been uploaded illegally by Arran Records in Dublin.  When they took over the whole catalogue of Outlet Records, they hadn’t realised that I had actually leased all these recordings, which I owned, to Outlet.  Once they realised they had made a mistake, they quickly deleted all three albums from the websites, and repaid me all the royalty income that had been sent to them in error.  Rather than put the albums back on line individually, I was able to make available all 14 tracks from ‘Grandma’s Feather Bed’, 11 tracks from ‘Written in Britain’, and 4 from ‘Roaming Round in Nashville’ on a single 29 track album I called ‘Your Choice’. Most of the remaining tracks from the three individual albums can be found on the latest digital only release ‘60th Anniversary Album’.       If you haven’t already done so, go on to my website, www.tonygoodacre.com click on the ‘links’ page, click on CDbaby, and you should see seven of my albums.  You can download individual tracks or the full albums as MP3 files.  If
you already have your own favourite download sites for downloading or streaming, you should find my albums on there as well.  Your support by downloading the odd track or album is always appreciated, and feel free to also add comments (hopefully favourable ones) on line if you wish.      In the last newsletter, I said that we didn’t go out very often on an evening, but I proved myself wrong when on December 10th, we went to the Rainton Meadows Arena in Co.Durham to see a Christmas concert given by Ernie Haase and his own band Signature Sound.  This was their only date in England on a short European tour, which included Holland Sweden, Ireland, Scotland and the Shetlands.  Think the Statler Brothers, the Oak Ridge Boys, and you’ll get the idea of a superb sounds of one of America’s best known 4 part Gospel harmony groups.  What a great night it was, and a good way of celebrating being able to drive again after a four week lay-off following my mini-stroke.      Better weather in April and lighter nights persuaded us to go out again.  On April 8th, we went to Dave and Sue Newton’s ‘open mike’ night at Marske Cricket Club, less than ten minutes drive from home.  I didn’t sing myself, but just enjoyed the high standard of all the other acts who got up to sing just two songs each.  Dave had only just come out of hospital the day before, (I visited him when Sylvia was also in on the Monday) but was still able to introduce all the acts as well as sing the last couple of songs with Sue to close the evening.  It was great to meet up again with so many people we knew, especially Ken & Billie Ford, who are singing just as well as ever.  Ken celebrated his 82nd birthday later that month.  The country nights start up again later in the year, after the end of the cricket season.      Even nearer to home is the Redcar Bowls club, just five minutes away, home of the Cutty Wren Folk Club, which meets there every Tuesday night.  We had seen that Cathryn Craig and Brian Willoughby were advertised to appear on April 19th, a great singer and wonderful guitarist known in Country, Americana and Folk circles.  Floor singers got up for the first hour, then after a short break, it was over to Cathryn and Brian.  No vocal microphone, a slight amplification of Brian’s steel strung acoustic guitars, and you could hear a pin drop whilst they were performing.  What an enjoyable night, and we hope to be back to see the Hayley Sisters when they appear at the same venue in June.      We were delighted to get an invitation to Tony’s Best’s 80th Birthday tea party and book launch in Shrewsbury on March 2nd.  Tony was looking really well, and has recovered most of his speech and mobility following his bad stroke last year.  It was lovely to meet up again with Jean and Lynne, as well as old friends in country music like Raymond Froggatt, H Cain, Alice Manifold, Graham Hall and Carole Newman.  Tony had booked two superb acts, Morgan Reeves and Andy Eastwood, to provide the entertainment, and there was a surprise appearance from Ken Dodd to present Tony with a genuine ‘tickling stick’ – and needless to say provide half an hour of laughs as well.  Rather than just stay overnight, we stayed five nights in a self-catering cottage near Whitchurch, (with exclusive use of a hot tub), making it a most enjoyable break.      We also spent a couple of nights away in February, staying in a Holiday Inn Express near Warwick, so that we could visit Denis and Wendy Beech in Banbury.  Denis was seriously ill in hospital in Oxford, but he was so pleased to see us.  Denis had run the Banbury Country Music club in the 1970’s, where I appeared many times, and later stayed with him and Wendy on many occasions through the years, whenever I was in the area. They also surprised us when they came to the Whitby Gospel Music Convention in May 2015.  Sadly, Denis died two weeks after we saw him, but we were not able to go to his funeral.      One funeral we did attend on February 29th near Leeds was that of Duncan Calcutt, husband of Jeannie Dee.  The Jeannie Dee Trio, our first fully managed act, were really good friends, and it was upsetting to lose someone so young. Tony Kaempf, the third member of the trio sat with us, and it was good to also see again Denis, Stuart and Johnny of the popular band Collier Dixon Line, as well as members of Duncan’s family.      Thankfully, we are both progressing health wise.  Sylvia had another bad angina attack when we were shopping in Redcar on April 4th, and after going to see the pharmacist in Boots who rang 999 for an ambulance, she spent 12 hours in hospital for various tests, before being sent home at 11.30pm.  She had NOT had a heart attack, and thanks to using her spray, has been able to control her angina attacks since then..  I had my second Cataract eye operation on March 17th, and all seems to have gone well.  My Myeloma cancer is still in remission, I’m walking O.K., bending and kneeling not very easy, feet and fingertips still numb from side effects from earlier medication, making guitar playing far from easy, but we’re both thankful for what we’ve got. I don’t like to make the newsletter longer than two full pages, so I’ll close for now, sending best wishes to you all from us both,                           Sylvia & Tony 

Thursday 27th October 2016.  I will again be singing and copmpering Paul Wheater's one day  'Winter Warmer' event at Whitby Pavilion on Saturday 12th November, 2016.  The afternoon concert, starting at 2.0pm, will be a country music and folk concert featuring myself, Paul Wheater, Stan Gee's 4 piece group the 'New Prairie Home Companions' and Alastair MccDonald.  This is a rare chance to hear me sing some of the old country music classics.   Paul will no doubt feature Jim Reeves songs in his programme, Alastair is so versatile (look at his website) you can expect anything, and Stan and his group of singers and multi-instrumentalist will specialise isnthe 'old time' country songs.  
All four of the afternoon acts will also sing on the evening gospel concert, doors open 6.0pm for a start at 6.30pm prompt, which will also feature The Sunbeam Singers a 4 piece family harmony group originally from India featuring Colet's amazing bass voice, The Ayrton Family Band, Crystal Clear a three part hamony trio from Scotland,  Samuel Purdy, and Veronica & Friends Reignited.

Tuesday 2nd August 2016.  Although details of my new 18 track Gospel Album compilation 'The Old Rugged Cross' can be found on the CD's and DVD's page of my website, it will be early September before you will be able to download or stream the tracks from your usual websites.  Along with my 60th Anniversary album (which is available),  the gospel album will be sent out to selected radio stations early in September.  If you are a regular listener, why not write in to request one of Tony's tracks in a few weeks time.

Wednesday 13th April 2016.  Having amicably sorted out the illegal download of three of my early albums by another company who agreed that I did indeed own the worldwide copyright of ALL my recordings, I released a 29 track compilation of all 14 songs from Grandma's Feather Bed, 11 from 'Written in Britain' and 4 from 'Roaming Round in Nashville'.  The Album is called 'YOUR CHOICE'.

Having sorted that out, I then decided to mark this year, 2016, the 60th Anniversary of my first paid booking to sing country music, (after a few months singing 'skiffle' with my group 'The Tigers'), with another compilation album for download, entitled, not surprisingly, '60th ANNIVERSARY ALBUM'.  For full details, see the CD's and DVD's page of this website.  You will see that this album includes some more of the song from 'Written in Britain' and 'Roaming Round in Nashville'.

Tuesday 2nd February 2016.  A new album release '26 MORE FAVOURITES TO DOWNLOAD' has just been made available as 'DOWNLOAD ONLY'.  You could scroll down to number 40 on the music page, but the quickest and most convenient wqy is to go to  the LINKS page of this website, click on the CDbaby link, you will see one of my album inlay pictures.  Click 'go to artist page' under the picture and you will see all five of Tony's albums which can be downloaded either as individual tracks or as complete albums.  Click on the album you want to view.  You can hear a 30 second sample of every track by clicking the marker to the left of the track number and title.  (It may be a couple of days before this new album will show up, but keep looking).   Bear in mind, that the prices on CDbaby are in American dollars, so may be better value than sites showing download prices in pounds sterling.  When you pay by card, they will convert the currency for you.  Even if you only want to download one track, why not support Tony by spending a few pence.   However, you could download all 26 songs for just U.S.A.$9.99 if you wish - great value for money.  Any support will be greatly appreciated.

Friday 1st January 2016.  First of all, Sylvia joins me in wishing you all a very Happy and Healthy New Year.  Sylvia and I both had slight health 'hiccups' at the end of October, me with a 'mini-stroke'(TIA), and Sylvia with her angina, but no lasting damage, and we were both able to enjoy the Whitby Gospel show on November 7th.  As I couldn't drive for a few weeks, Sylvia had to drive.  It was a great day, with some superb acts included.

Looking ahead, I have been booked to sing and compere all three days of the May event, Friday, Saturday and Sunday,  20th 21st and 22nd.  Go onto the Whitby Gospel Music Convention website for full details.

 Friday 23rd October 2015.  Delighted to say that my myeloma cancer is still in remission, so like the good experimental treatment 'guinea pig' that I am, I'll just keep taking the tablets and be thankful that they are working.  This means that I will be able to appear at Paul Wheater's 'Winter Warmer' Gospel Music Convention 0n Saturday, 7th November 2015.   I'll be singing on and compering both the afternoon and evening concerts, probably opening up at 2.00. pm.

Sunday 3rd May 2015.  Just to confirm that I will be appearing again at Paul Wheater's Whitby Gospel Music Convention, on Friday Saturday and Sunday 15th, 16th and 17th May 2015. held at Whitby Pavilion.  As well as performing short 4 or 5 song sets each evening, and a longer set on the Saturday afternoon concert, I will also be compering all four of these shows.  For full details of all the acts appearing, times and ticket prices, just type in Whitby Gospel Music Convention 2015 on any search engine, and you will find all the information you need.  Any problems, send me an e-mail and I'll attach a poster for you. in reply.  For most concerts you should be able to pay on the door (the venue holds about 800), but for tickets in advance from Paul, see details on the Convention website, but remember to send s.a.e. with your payment.

Friday 6th February 2015.  It's been so  long since I last added any more audio clips to the 'Music' page of my website, I thought it was about time to add some more.  So I have just added clips of 5 of the tracks from my very latest album, '2015 Compilation Favourites.'

Wednesday 3rd December 2014.  All progressing well on the health front.  Myeloma remains in remission, as I continue on the 'maintenance programme' tablets.  Still attending hospital for monthly check ups and Zometa (bone juice) drip.  Thanks for all your good wishes. On 6th December, it will be exactly 40 years since I drove to the Orlake Pressing Plant in Dagenham to collect the first 1,000 copies of my fist L.P. album 'Roaming Round in Nashville', then sold some at the Queen Bess in Scunthorpe on the way home.   Leaving aside the two 78rpm singles I recorded in 1957 and 1958, and the three CD extended singles for Guensey, Floralia and Sequence Ballroom dancing, I have now released 39 different full length albums.  So, what better way of celebrating 40 years of recording, than release my 40th album.  I'll be distributing it to radio stations and the media early in  January, but it is now available in time for Christmas, even though it is called '2015 Compilation Favourites'.  A playing time of 69 minutes, 26 songs compiled from the 264 tracks not already released on other compilation albums on CD.  Full details on the CD and DVD music page.

I'll be taking off the link to the 'First Chapter' band, as they will be disbanding on 31st December 2014.  Ray Phillips will be working with the Jeff Gallant Band, and our good wishes go to Ray and the rest of the boys for next year.

Thursday 29th May 2014.  The albums and all individual track from the 'Country Music is my Life' album are now available from all your favourite digital download sites.   Great news, thanks to seven months of my experimental treatment programme, my Myeloma is  currently in remission.  I expect to start on my new maintenance programme in July.  A few mobility problems still to sort out, but I'm progressing well.  not able to drive at the moment.

Friday 31st January 2014.  The new compilation album for digital download will be available from CDbaby.com from next week.  Entitled 'Country Music is my Life' the album features seventeen more previously recorded songs from the Sylvantone Music publishing catalogue.  Over the next few weeks, CDbaby will also make the album and individual tracks available for download from most major download sites like iTunes, Amazon mp3, Napster and many more.
Sunday 15th December 2013.  As many of you already know, at the end of September I was diagnosed with Myeloma, a form of cancer which affect the bone marrow. (not bone cancer).  It is not curable, but treatable, and I have just completed my first two full months of treatment.  A few side-effects due to all the tablets, but progressing O.K.
Another new compilation album completed, but will not be available for digital download until January.  Plenty of other things keeping us busy in the run up to Christmas.  More news updates in the New Year.
Tuesday 1st October 2013.  I have again by booked by Paul Wheater to compere and sing at his Whitby Gospel Music Convention 'Winter Warmer' event on Sauturday 9th November.  There are both afternoon and evening concerts, with a great line-up of acts already confirmed.  Full details can be found on the website.  Just type in Whitby Gospel Music Convention on any search engine.
You will also find details of the 15th Annual Convention to be held on 16th, 17th and 18th May 2014, for which I have also been booked to compere and sing on all three days.
Following our week's holiday in Norfolk in September, Sylvia and I stayed with our son John for a few days, during which time I recorded another THREE albums, one a gospel album, one a country album and the other called 'Pure Nostalgia', on which I sing many old songs I used to play on my parent's old 'wind-up' gramophone, singing to 78rpm records and 45rpm E.P.s.  I'll be posting full details on my CD's and DVD's page of this website later in the month.
Monday 25th February 2013.  Earlier this month, I finished recording a brand new gospel album.  Sylvia and I were staying with son John at his cottage near Cambridge, where he just happened to have all that was needed to record a new album.  Professional quality microphones and equipment, and all the top computer music programmes to put it all together.  I finished recording the vocals on my 75th birthday and I was ready produce a few copies to take to our local church, St. Mark's, Marske by the Sea, (a photo is featured on the front inlay card) to help raise funds for much needed new toilet and kitchen facilities in the church.  
Having organised fund raising concerts in both 2011 and 2012, I thought this would be a different way of raising some funds.
Without giving the game away, - you'll need to buy a copy (or copies to give to friends and relatives as well as enjoy the usual quantity discounts), I have included one of my parents' favourite songs I had never sung in public, but I used to sing at home aged about 10,  a song that still holds the record for most weeks at No. 1 in the British pop charts (not consecutive), four hymns from our Anglican hymn book,  two gospel songs that were no. 1 country hits, a song I recorded on a 78rpm single in 1957 (not my original recording), and some popular traditional American gopel songs.  All your support will be much appreciated.
Saturday 20th October 2012.  It is with great sadness that I have to tell you that steel guitarist Arthur Layfield died yesterday morning aged 74.  I first met and worked with Arthur 50 years ago in 1962, began working with him as a country music duo in 1965, he helped form my original country band Goodacre Country in 1969, and first toured with me in 1971, playing at many of the then best known country music clubs in Britain.  Our thoughts are with Ann, daughter Susan and the rest of the family at this sad time.
It is my intention over the next few days to add a few more photos and audio clips featuring Arthur on this website, and if you go on the link page to my Youtube site, you will find Arthur featured on at least three video clips, Peach Picking Time in Georgia, Blue Tahitian Moon and the Soundcheck at the Royal Hall Harrogate 25th Anniversary Show (where Arthur also plays his trombone on 'Desert Blues'.   
I have also just completed transferring to two CD's recordings made by Arthur on his DAT recording machine at Luddington Village Hall, Lincolnshire and The Ivy Leaf Club in Burnhope, Co. Durham in 1994.  They were not intended for sale as commercial recordings, but just as souvenirs for Arthur, Geoff Ashford and myself - memories of some great times working toghether as a trio.
However, with Arthur's untimely death, there may be some of you who would like copies of these recordings.  Each CD plays for 79minutes, and includes 24 tracks.   If you would like these two CD's as a souvenir, they would be available for just £5 for both, including postage etc, and they do have full cover front inlays with a photo on glossy card.  I will not be holding stocks, but will be able to print and duplicate them to order.
I'm sure you will enjoy them, and all 48 tracks include the unique sound of Arthur Layfield on his Hawaiian Steel Guitar.

Tuesday 18th September 2012. Following the highly succdessful 13th Annual Whitby Gospel Music Convention at Whitby Pavilion in May, organiser Paul Wheater has arranged for the first time a 'Winter Warmer' one day event on Saturday 17th November 2012.  Once again I have been asked to compere as well as sing a few songs,  and the full line up also includes Bobby Ball (of Cannon & Ball comedy fame).  For a full list of artistes appearing and ticket prices etc., go to Paul Wheater's website www.paulwheater.com or google Whitby Gospel Music Convention.

Monday 7th May, 2012.  Another confirmed concert booking to add.  A return visit to Thornton Dale village hall, near Pickering in North Yorkshire,  Friday 28th September 7.30pm until 9.15pm.  Tickets in advance from Dave Alger 01751-477732 or pay at the door on the night. All welcome.

Saturday 11th February 2012  Now available, a new 24 track compilation album called 'THE CHART HITS'.  As members of my audiences for this year's confirmed concerts might not be dedicated country music fans, I thought an album which included some of the popular hit songs I recorded between 1974 and 2001 would appeal.  (Perhaps expecting them to buy both my Box Sets might be asking a little bit too much!!) See item 31 on the CD's page of this website for details and track listing.

Tuesday 7th February 2012.  Here are the brief details for some confirmed concert dates for 2012.

Monday 21st May 2012.  7.30pm  St. Mark's Church Marske by the Sea.  Following last year's highly successful concert, there's a return visit for my special guest George Hamilton IV who will join me for a fund-raising event at my local church.  Tickets £5 each now available from Sylvia and myself 01642-479898.

The weekend of Friday, Saturday and Sunday, 18th, 19th & 20th May 2012.  Paul Wheater has invited me to be part of the 13th Annual Whitby Gospel Music convention at the Spa Pavilion.  For full details and ticket prices, log on to www.paulwheater.com/wgmc2  I will be doing a short 2/3 song set on the Friday evening at 6.45pm, then act as compere for the rest of the evening which will feature George Hamilton IV, Crystal Clear, Live Issue, Paul Wheater, Christie Trio, The Dave Clemo Band, Simple Faith, the Gardiner Family, Michael Harcus & Friends and the North Ness Boys.
The Saturday afternoon concert which starts at 2.30pm is billed as Country Gospel, when I will be performing a 20 minute set and also act as compere to introduce Paul Wheater, George Hamilton IV & Live Issue and Syd Little (of Little and Large fame).
There are also concerts and services on Saturday morning, Saturday evening, Sunday afternoon and Sunday evening.   

Sunday 22nd July 2012.  Once again Denis Collier has invited me to be part of his country music weekend at the Belgrave Madison Hotel, Blackpool.  You will need to book for the whle weekend to attend.  Details from Denis on 01977-514692.

Friday 10th August 2012.  Following my appearances with my band in 2006 and 2009, I have again been booked for the country music night of the Annual Mundesley Festival in Norfolk.  Tickets and further infomration from 01263-721189 mobile 07867-632998. Starting on Sunday 5th August, there is a different kind of entertainment each night which also inlcudes Isla St. Clair (Sunday), Richard Digance (Tuesday) and The Temperance Seven (Wednesday).

Saturday 17th November 2012  Again, Paul Wheater has invited me to be part of a  one day 'Mini Gospel Conference at Whitby Spa Pavilion.  Final line-up to be confirmed, but as well as Paul and myself, will also include Tommy Ball (of Cannon & Ball).
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Monday 5th December 2011  The new 24 page booklet is now available, and includes all 34 photographs in full colour.  Also available is a new 12 track Box Set 'Sampler' CD
which includes one track from each of the 12 albums included in the new box set  See the CD and DVD page of the website for track listings.

.Friday 4th November 2011.  GREAT NEWS!!   Release of a NEW 12 CD BOX SET called 'THE CD YEARS - 1992 to 2012'.  Available now, in time for Christmas.  See CD no. 29 on the CD and DVD page for full details.  Although the box set is ready now, I am still working on a small supplementary booklet to update the 50th Anniversary Souvenir Book, with news and photographs covering the time from 2006 to December 2011.  A copy of the original 88 page book will also be included with this new box set.

Sunday 30th October 2011.  Added two more video clips to the YouTube link on my links page.   Now over 30,000 'viewing clicks, with nearly half of them for Sarah's steel guitar instrumental.  So, start viewing the new additions. 'Sticky Fingers' and the duet 'How Many Lovers?' written by Geoff Ashford.

Tuesday 13th September 2011.  CD and DVD page is now back on line and up to date.  The 50th Anniversary Box Set Sampler album, previously only for promotional release, is made available  for general sale. 

A reminder that I will be singing at the first ever Hurworth Show (near Darlington) this coming Saturday 17th September.  Just a couple of half hour sets between 1.0pm and 3.0pm.  Up to 5,000 people are expected through the gates, open between 11.0am and 4.00pm.  All the usual attractions from best jam and pickeles etc, vegetables and flowers to kids pets, performing dogs, and two other (non country) musical acts sharing the stage.
On Tuesday afternoon, 27th September 2011, between 2.00pm and 4.00pm, I'll be re-starting the regular monthly entertainments shows for Marske Partnership at the Marske Cheshire Home, just 5 minutes away from home.  Admission just £1.50p.

Saturday 10th September 2010.  For the next few days, the CD and DVD page of my website will not be available as I need to update it.  Sylvia came home from her shoulder operation last night, (rotator cuff surgery) and as I will be at home full time for a few days, it seemed a good opportunity to get things updated.  Just e-mail me at
tonygoodacre@hotmail.com if you need any information urgently.  Thanks for your interest.

IMPORTANT.  When you do click on the CDs and DVDs page, please do allow time for this page to download, as it will take longer than any of the other pages on my website.  
Included is lot about each item, including track listings, inlay photographs, and other details  about all of the 27 different CDs, as well as more information about the 13 different double DVDs

Tuesday 19th July 2011.  Another new album, 'Sylvantone Singers & Songwriters' has just gone live on the cdbaby website for digital download.  This time it is a mixed artiste album with 5 tracks from me plus a duet with Jeannie Dee, two songs each from Jeannie, Stu Page, Geoff Ashford and new Sylvantone singer Mick Haley, and one from Jeannie's husband Duncan.  30 second audio samplers are available for each of the 15 songs, which can be purchased as downloads individually or as an album. 
Just go to 
www.cdbaby.com then type in the name Tony Goodacre and click search, and this should take you to all 3 of the albums available as digital downloads.  To go straight to the new album, you will need to type in the artiste name as Tony Goodacre & Friends.
If you click on 'more details' you will find full information about each of the 15 tracks.  For those of you who prefer to purchase music through another supplier, CDbaby partner companies include Apple iTunes, myspacemusic, AmazonMP3, Napster, Rhapsody, Deezer, Emusic, 7Digital, Nokia, Spotify, Verizon, Greatindiemusic, Zune and many more, but some of these may take a little longer to put the new album live on line
Remember that CDbaby prices are in dollars and cents, not pounds, so buying MP3 downloads on line can work out cheaper if that's how you like to listen to your music.
However, you can buy physical CD's of all three releases from my website, and can be put towards quantity discounts.  See the CD and DVD page on this website for full details.

Saturday 19th February 2011.  News of two confirmed bookings in May.  Monday 16th May, 7.30pm, George Hamilton IV will be joining me in concert at our own local church, St. Mark's Church in Marske by the Sea, proceeds in aid of church funds.  Tickets, £5 available from Sylvia 01642-479898 or pay at the door on the night.
On Saturday 28th May, 7.30pm, making my first appearance there since 2003, I will be in concert at Thornton Dale Village Hall, near Pickering, North Yorkshire, a venue at which I have performed over 20 times since the early 1980's.  Tickets, £5 each available from Wardell's shop in the village, from any village hall committee member or from Sylvia.

Thursday 20th January 2011  Bill Clarke, who produced 10 of my albums between 1975 and 1989, sadly died from lung cancer last month (December).  Although you can hear his musical talent on many of my albums, the only video I could find of him was from the Session Band Tour in 1984, and even then, little could be seen of his guitar playing.   The whole show was filmed as a souvenir by a member of the audience in South Wales.  However, there is a lovely moment where he received a surprise presentation from the rest of the band.   So I uploaded this clip on to my link with youtube as a tribute to Bill. (Just go to the 'links' page on my website).  There is also a clip of one of the show-stopping moments of the show, featuring Gerry Hale on fiddle and Derek Thurlby on guitar.

Sunday 2nd January 2011.   Another new compilation album 'More Songs from the Geoff Ashford Songbook' was released this week on the cdbaby website for digital download.  This time, fifteen more Geoff Ashford compositions, any of which can be downloaded individually for just 99 cents each, and once again, I've included two as FREE downloads.  The full album is only US$9.99, so why not treat yourself?  Any artistes looking for original songs to record yourself, why not try one or more of these?
It seems that the free downloads are only availabvle from cdbaby, but if you already have accounts with some of their partner companies like Amazon, itunes, Napster etc, you can buy my downloads from them as well.  Just add the odd Tony Goodacre track to your order for Def Leppard, Black Sabbath or Pixie Lott....you'll find it's quite a contrast.

Wednesday 24th November 2010.  A week earlier than expected, those fantastic folks at CD baby have got my new album, 'The Country Side of Britain' available to download on their website.  Whether you want to download just one song, all 12 songs or anything in between (two of which are free downloads), just click on to
www.cdbaby.com  click on explore music, type in Tony Goodacre, click search and you're there.  Even if you don't want to buy, you can always listen to audio clips of every song, type in a review (favourable I hope) and see what else might appeal on this great cdbaby website.   And remember these are lower prices in dollars, so it's cheaper than buying from me!!!!

Monday 30th August 2010.  I have just completed a new compilation CD 'The Country Side of Britain' (CDSTON0810).  This features 12 of the most popular and successful Sylvantone published British written songs I have ever recorded, and will be used mainly to promote these songs by sending copies to country music presenters at radio stations, the country music magazines for review purposes, and to also make them available to other recording artistes to record.   Although the CD is available to purchase either singly or as part of an order for two or more items now, I will also soon be making it available to download on line, with two or three tracks free.  I'll let you know how and on which website soon.  Meanwhile full details of the songs included can be found on the CD and DVD page.

Thursday 24th June 2010.  The main news this month is that there isn't anything much new.  I'm enjoying my retirement, which means that for the summer months, I am planning to enjoy the good weather and limit the time I spend on the computer.  So, I don't plan to add any more video or audio clips until later in the year.  However, a couple of dates for your diary in July, especially if you live near Saltburn. 
     I was one of eight acts asked to do a 15 minute set at a concert at Saltburn Community Theatre on Saturday 3rd July, tickets £6 each.  Five folk singer/songwriter acts, a teenage pop family trio (very good), a new bluegrass acoustic band, plus me, representing country music.
If you've been on the link to my daughter Sandy's webpage, adlibperformingarts.co.uk you will see that grand daughter Shannan has been accepted for a place at one of Britain's leading performing arts colleges in Cambridge.  A 'Farwell to Shannan' concert, before she goes to Cambridge, has been arranged for Saturday 24th July, also at Saltburn Community theatre., tickets £6 each, concessions £5.  The concert will include some of the most popular song and dance routines featured on previous Ad Lib shows.

Saturday 1st May 2010.  More new video clips added on my YouTube links page.  Not just of me, but also of some of the Sylvantone managed acts like Stu Page, The Hillbilly Boogiemen and Sarah Jory.  There's also a wildlife clip of some Tasmanian Devils.
      There are also a couple of new audio clips (including one full recorded track of 'Love is Just Like Fishing') and two more recent photos.

Friday 19th March 2010.  Another gig to add.  (I know, I'm still retired).  After a great show last Sunday in Scarborough, Denis Collier has now added me to the line-up for his country music holiday weekend in Blackpool on July 9th, 10th and 11th.  I'll be doing just one spot on the Friday night, 9th July.  It's held at the Belgrave Madison Hotel, right on the seafront, North Shore.  Details and booking information from Denis on 01977-514692.

Tuesday 2nd March 2010.  I have now closed the video link to MySpace, and transferred the clips to YouTube.  There are now 22 different songs to view.  Just go to the 'links' page and click on the YouTube link.

Monday 22nd February 2010.  Gig news.
Yes, I know I've retired, but I always did say I'd accept bookings if, (a) I didn't have to carry all my equipment about, (b) if it was local, or if some distance away accommodation was made avaialble and (c) if I didn't have to perform more than 2 sets.
Well, I did a show for the local pensioners in Marske last Tuesday afternoon, and I have accepted an invitation from Denis Collier (Collier Dixon Line) to do a spot at his Country Music Weekends in Scarborough at the Delmont Hotel, Scarborough on Sunday 14th March and Sunday 5th December.  You'll need to book for the full weekend (Friday - Sunday), as numbers are limited, and they usually are sellouts.  Ring Denis on 01977-514692 for all information.
Finally, after a bit of persuading, I accepted a booking at Mundesley Holiday Village, Paston Road, Mundesley, Norfolk to do 2 spots with my band (Ray, Chas & Frank) on Saturday 17th April.  Also appearing and doing 2 sets will be the duo Speed Limit.
Again, you may need to book for the full weekend, but you can check by contacting the venue direct for all information on 01263-720334.  It's not a venue I have done before, but it seems Roy Waller from BBC Radio Norfolk, who compered the show I did at Mundesley Village Hall last August, highly recommend me to the booking agent. 

Sunday 7th February 2010  Five more audio clips just added, including 'A Woman Captured Me', a Hank Snow song I learnt  50 years ago from an old EP in the RCA 'Country Guitar' series.  Also 'Do You Know You Are My Sunshine' the Statler Brothers song that was No.1 in the Country Charts on the day I went into the studio in Nashville to record it.  Stu Page on classic guitar and Sarah Jory on pedal steel add some great musical backing on my version of an old Marty Robbins song 'Working My Way Through a Heartache'.  Enjoy these and all the other audio clips.   Remember, all these songs in full are available on the various CDs listed on the CDs and DVDs page.

Saturday 6th February 2010  I have just added some more photgraphs on to both the Family and Music pages, plus more Audio clips on the music page and more video clips on YouTube.
Tuesday 2nd February 2010   You can now order and pay for CDs and DVDs on line through PayPal.   It's simple.  Send me an e-mail detailing which items you want.  I will e-mail an invoice to you, and you will receive a request for payment from PayPal.  Once that is paid, I will mail your order to you.  All prices and details, including postage costs for overseas orders, can be found on the CDs and DVDs page.

 Sunday 17th January 2010.  I thought you might like to hear some of the other artistes on the Sylvantone label.  So, if you click on the 'music' page, you will find that I have added complete songs recorded in the 1980's by Jeannie Dee (with some great musical backing from members of my 1984 Session Band, Derek Thurlby and Gerry Hale), Stu Page (one of his many self-penned numbers we also released as a single), and Geoff Ashford (with the original version of his award winning song 'Rags to Riches'.

Happy browsing, Tony Goodacre.

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