Links LinksTo view all my video clips (there's now 68 different ones) click on the youtube link below.   Well over 160,000 have already done so. 
Click on  If a video start to play, you will see HOME at the top of the page.  To the right of that, click on VIDEOS. and you should see thumbnails of all my video clips.  .
     This should bring up all the video clips with the most recent first.  Generally speaking the oldest ones are the most popular with most views, as they have been available for several years, so just scroll down to find what you want. . 
     After viewing one, click the back button (usually top left corner of your screen) and scroll down or click on the next one you want to see..  If you view any of the original songs published by Sylvantone Music, both the songwriter and I get a VERY small amount (a fracrion of a cent for each 'view@. Happy viewing

To view, listen and buy any of my digital albums, click on the link below to go direct to my pages on which at the time of writing is not working, so try going to any of your favourite download sites like iTunes, Amazon MP3, Spotify and many others, forward slash and type in Tony Goodacre, and you should rach my download albums.  I'll try to correct the fdault within the next few days.
This should bring you direct to my latest CD album, which usually shows the oldest download album first.  If you want to see all or any of my other albums which are available to dowload, either in full, or just individual tracks, click on artist page, and you should see all the albums.  Click on the one you want to see, and each track will be listed for you to hear a 30 second audio clip, or buy the track.   For Geoff Ashford's new CD 'The Sylvantone Years, click on the Geoff Ashford link below
., or for the new various artists album, click on the link below.

My original website was designed by John Craven, who's British Country Music website is always worth a visit for all the latest country music news in the U.K.  Click here to link with the web site.

CMR Nashville   Europe's #1 Country Music Radio Station.

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